• The fraud should have been recognized  per Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution. So,,,we no longrer have a Constituion. Notice it yet?,,,,I DO!!!

    Leftist Woke Toatalitarian/Fascism................The new normal if we don't start hittingt back ,and HARD!!! They'll bull nus out of our OWN country if we do nothing!!! We MUST CRUSH THEIR CLIMATE OF FEAR OR PERISH!!!  We'reup against a Maosit styled revolurtion for 30 yrs. now. Picking up steam FAST!!! Biden owes XI!!!

  • I want to know--if these audits absolutely prove that Donald Trump did actually win the 2020 election and NOT Biden.  And fraud is absolutely proven.  What happens next??? How is justice done?  Is there anything that would remove Biden and Harris from office?  What are the answers? I and 74 million Americans want to know!

    • Doris, that very situation is what I have spoken to for a while. Even today.

      Actions without determined purpose are reckless by nature.

  • Are there any attorneys that read this, that can answer these questions?


  • So damn much "TALK"- NO ACTION, NO JUSTICE I've heard this crap my entire Voting time- 1972-2020, really sad. just pissed off a our political system- but, I'll Keep on Keepin' on

  • Who will force the implementation of these findings assuming they are valid ????

  • That would be Justice!

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