• After that coward sold out our REAL President?  He doesn't deserve to make ANY money off his idiotic book. You will go down in the annals of history as one of the worst traitors ever, you Benedict Arnold. Lotsa luck, jerk.

  • pench is going to be charged with high crimes , real soon . Every need to follow scott mckay patriot street fighters long videos but so much truth in the awakening        

  • The only thing I think Trump did wrong was in his appointment of some of the members of his staff and that includes Pence and Barr. He needed people loyal to him and many were not and gave him bad advice. 

    • That's right, Shirley. Way too many people did not uphold their pledge of allegiance to Trump and abdicated their unwavering loyalty to President Trump. It is disgusting what jealous and inept people did to the best president in my lifetime. They should all be hung along with anyone who fought President Trump tooth and nail while he was in office making America great again.

  • The most infamous betrayal in the history of man was Judas' betrayal of Jesus Christ.  Mike Pence's betrayal of President Trump ranks along side Benedict Arnold's betrayal of General George Washington and the Continental Army as most infamous betrayal in the past few hundred years.  Mike Pence should go down in history as a traitor to the United States of America.  I hope Pence's book fails miserably, and I hope the company that publishes the book goes out of business.    

    • wathch and share ,we are in such a biblical time and will half to help the people take America back. I have followed scott mckay since Jan 2021 , this guy will open your eyes 

    • sorry AtvRider48  forgot    the   video  link

    • Thanks for the video.

  • Mike Pence betrayed WE THE PEOPLE, TRUMP, GOP, He is a Traitor to our country (AMERICA) his job as head of the Task Force with the Coronavirus was a Joke. I hope this BOOK IS A FAILURE it will not be telling the truth thats for sure.


  • I hope this book does so poorly, that they have to ask trader Pence for their money back. Guess they won't hide this book in the back of Barnes and Noble like they do honest Republicans' books.

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