• Bust his ass

  • Fauci is a complete fraud and Trump fell for this liar and fool as the pandemic was in full swing....Brix was just as bad as well.....Trump needed to trust someone and he lost bigtime....Fauci should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but I am NOT holding my breath!!!

  • He is a bald face LIAR and will say anything to save his worthless ass



    • In my mind, he is also a TRAITOR,and a de"mock"rat,  He should have is medical license taken away for going against the Hippocratic Oath and he should be in jail for supporting and funding the CCP.  But because he is a de"mock"rat nothing will happen to him!

  • The way I see it, most of our Reps, most of our Fed Judges, high level bureaucracts, high level advisors, the press, audio and tv media and many more, are all owned by the same comon denominator(s), reason for all of them dancing at the same tune. I wonder if we the people would ever be able to shake them off.

    • Corruption left unattended for decades has eaten away at our moral foundations and we now find our nation in serious trouble... the moral decay of society has manifested itself in the immoral policies of our government.  Our nation's Constitution is unsuitable for governing any other than a moral and religious people.

      For self-government to work properly the people being governed must be a moral people whose faith is anchored in the love of our Lord and God Jesus Christ.  Christ is the guarantor of our liberty and freedoms.... without His hand at the helm of government we are lost to the arbitrary and pernicious acts of an immoral oligarchy of corrupt men and women.

  • Dr. Fauci is not a scientist and he is not even a Doctor in the true sense of the title.  Anyone who has worked in a hospital, knows that masks (particularly the jokes of a mask that the majority of people are/have been wearing) against viruses.  In the hospital we wore masks when sterile situations were required to prevent contamination (from us, not as protection for ourselves) or when we were working in infectious disease wards.  In the infectious disease wards we also wore gowns, gloves, and higher quality masks that were disposed of once we left the infectious disease areas.  We have known for decades that most  masks are not effective against viruses, so he is not being honest, rather trying to cover his compromised butt.  Furthermore, Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, which clearly he has violated by funding gain-of-function studies with the CCP (our enemy), deceiving the American Public about the masks (which actually cause more harm than good), and the true purpose of the vaccine.  He needs to be charged with crimes against humanity and put before a military tribunal.  According to what I have heard and seen, this is not real Fauci and the real Fauci is on the run.

  • They- Commicrats-are all liars

  • Dr. Fauci's supercilious and bombastic denials are over the top... his vacillating stance on wearing or not wearing a mask is only one instance of his failure, to be honest with the American People and the victims of his own creation... the COVID 19 pandemic is his baby. 

    China may have been the instrument of its release... but the virus itself is the child of Dr. Fauci's Mengele persona. He needs to go to prison for his criminal conduct and all of his assets forfeited to the State to be distributed to the victims of COVID.

  • Great piece Mr. Bannon. I'm right with you. All in.

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