• Is this bitch in jail???

  • WHAT...........a new low for Joe Biden..!    With the voting day being a fixed date - no if's and's or but's....but the vote count isn't..?  What's the deal with that mess.   There should be no open-ended time for counting votes.   Seems that with each passing presidential voting year there is more and more volatility between the two parties.  I feel this should stop.   Schumer's threats to revamp the Supreme Court is an exercise in futility on his and the demoncraps part.  How can anything concerning the balance of power between the three branches of government be changed?  If any changes to the Constitution or governmental structure are to be made, it can only be changed by a Convention of the States.  Protections for the 1st and 2nd amendments, and getting term limits instituted can only be done by this convention of states.    

  • Many won't have to be bought.  Millions of "mail-in" ballots have been stolen and will be kept in reserve for when Trump wins and they are needed to reverse the fair election.  Remember when al franken ran in Minnesota, he lost by 12,000 votes and about a week later 13,00 ballots, all for franken, were "found" in the trunk of one his supporters' car, throwing the election to him through fraud.  This is their plan for 2020 to cheat biden into office!!!!!

    • If the Al Frankin example becomes the leverage used to defeat Pres. Trump... we must not permit it to stand... If the GOP/RNC fails to legally and effectively expose the rampant election fraud it is time too take a page from our Forefathers and Thomas Jefferson's famous quote: "... The Tree of Liberty Must Be Refreshed With the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants’ ..." from time to time.  It is time for the patriots to refresh the Tree as it is under direct assault from the Marxist Democrat Party and their allies in the MSM, DOJ, FBI, and Judiciary.

    • Ron, I agree and I think it will likely come to that.  The devildemocommiecrats will stop at nothing to seize control of every aspect of government, including cheating and sending their antifa and blm punks out to burn the nation down.  I am ready to die if necessary.  Like you I once signed to give my life if necessary to defend the nation.  Luckily my death wasn't necessary but I am still willing to lay it down for the cause of liberty.  Don't forget we also have to fight the gop establishment deep state TRAITORS like mcconnell, collins, murkowski and some other

  • Wonder no more on how Democrats win elections... but no one you ask has voted for them.

    See the source image

  • This is just the tip of the proverbial Iceberg... the President needs to produce an informative video and hold a national press conference where this conduct is exposed.  He then needs to outline the problem in law enforcement with a completely compromised FBI, DOJ, and Judiciary... DECLARE MARTIAL LAW and reschedule the elections for next month... then quickly round up the criminal elements in government at all levels removing them to GITMO to await trial for sedition and treason.

    I don't see how the Republic and our Constitution can survive such blatant election fraud ... with a MSM that refuses to report it and a DOJ and FBI that refuses too enforce our laws... we are at war now... and we must no longer accept the excuses from the DOJ and FBI for their failure to indict the criminal elements in the Marxist Democrat Party... they don't intend on winning the election the old fashion way one legitimate vote at a time...

    • Ron, you are correct.  the corruption goes deep, through the devildemocommiecrart party, the gop establishment, the Pravda/Goebbels media, and most of the bureaucracy!!!!!

  • Civil War.....Republicans vs demoRATS to remove the communist demorat party

  • Is this not illegal? This whole system needs to be fixed and the crimonal jailed. 

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