• My question is whether this person is  genuinely honest about her beliefs or is this another ploy by the bad guys to entrap people and make them angry.  It seems a bit over dramatic.  The white hats are in control or taking back control without any increased difficulty.

  • Why is anyone surprised?  Didn't Biden himself tell us this is exactly what they were planning on using, the best well oiled voting fraud machine ever?  

  • This is exactly why I quit donating to the RNC, is because they did absolutely nothing.  I will only donate to President Trump's PAC and he can spread it around to the MAGA supporting candidates.  Every single day since the election I have been on line with facts and information on how the election was stolen and pointing out the evidence of how they did it.  It has been pretty lonely as too many people just do not do anything.  First of all, every one of these "ballots" were picked up late at night, right?The U.S. CONSTITUTION states that "ELECTION DAY" is held on the same DAY in all of the states.  "ELECTION DAY" is one single 24 hour day.  The voters vote.  the officials count.  These combined actions form "The Election," and the election must be decided on that day.  States that fail to select an office holder by Midnight after Election Day have violated the statute. subjecting the nation at large to the very evils Congressionally mandated deadlines were drafted to prevent.  Federal election day statues were designed to curtail fraud, and to infuse a prima facie sense of integrity to our electoral process.  But these States - in failing to obey Congressional deadlines -  have flagrantly attempted to  to preempt federal law.  This is certainly prohibited, and this is why the late election results are void.  This is the legal research of Ren Jander, J.D.  The law is established by the case Foster v. Love, 522, U.S. 67, 71-72-(1997) and was joined by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 9 to 0 , where the entire court joined, not just the outcome, but also the opinion on this very point.  This law is straight forward and is "bulletproof" and has to be enforced.  Breaking this one Constitutional law by the DemoCorruptionists cost President Trump a second term but also gave the Democrats the slim majorities in both houses. because the cheating cost at least four senate seats as well as many congressional seats.  This needs to ge to any Fedral Court and then to the U.S. Supreme Court again if necessary.   Please help!

    • Same here.   Got a call recently from them.  They wanted $200 and I said no, I'm all  tapped out from donating to THE PEOPLE'SCONVOY.   She kept blabbering and asked for $100 I again said NO, I am not donating anything.   She gave it another shot and asked for $50.   I RESPONDED, NOT ONE DIME FOR THE PARTY.

      Neither have I donated a dime to Trump this time around.   I get 30 texts and emails from them every day and he's not even on the ticket for NOV .   Unfortunately, once you donate they nag you incessantly til you die.

      We spend way too much on elections.   I refuse to be browbeaten into submission and theft.

    • I get annoyed with so many so called conservative candidates phoning me and have decided enough is enough. I know half of them are faux conservatives. I told one of them that if your own state voters are not supporting your race why should I?
      I am still in favor of Trump but now a bit hesitant since he gave his endorsement to that phony, Oz. Oz supported abortion and gun control but now claims to have changed. The fact that he is a duel citizen, US and Turkey, and says he will relinquish his Turkish citizenship if elected brought out the red flag for me. Why not give it up first I would ask? Nope, He is a Muslim and from what I know they are allowed to lie if the cause in their eyes is just. I don't trust him and still have not made up my mind what other candidate I will cast my vote for. It definitely will not be either Oz or McCormick. In the race in 2024 I am slowly leaning towards DeSantis of Florida.

    • That's exactly how I see it.  As for Trump, I waiting to hear what he has to say and, I'm waiting to see, if there are any credible alternatives.  If not, he will probably get my vote, but he sure as hell isn't getting any more of my money.  That boat has sailed.

  • "WE THE PEOPLE" WILL STAND UNITED- WE MUST STAY WORKED UP-!!! I'm sick of all this message writing on-line- IT TAKES ACTION-!!!

    • I agree Robert. I am adopting the slogan I saw onn a T-shirt. Save America....Kill a Democrat




  • Yes, the gop knew about the FRAUD, they are complicit in TREASON with the devildemocommiecrats!!!!!  There are a very few republican patriots but any supported by the rnc have sold their souls for personal wealth and power in this life and will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with their "god", satan, and his agents in the devildemocommiecrat party, and the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propaganda machine!!!!  If the gop wins in November, which isn't very likely, they will just continue their TREASON against We the People because that is what Nazi war criminal george soros, bill gates, and mark zuckerberg are paying them to do!!!!!  The gop establishment hates and fears President Trump because his exposing corruption in draining the swamp will also reveal their corruption!!!!!  They tried real hard to keep the nomination from him, then tried to prevent his election, and did nothing to expose the TREASONOUS witch hunts that led to the unjustified impeachment, and were complicit in the VOTE FRAUD that illegally installed the very corrupt, very mentaly incapacitated new world order puppet joe dementia into office!!!!!!!!!!

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