AZ: Were Dominion Reps Tabulating Votes in 2020?

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    • This might be the only option. The US is a failed state. We can't trust the election, law enforcement (FBO, CIA), the courts, the media, government agencies and DEPARTMENTS. Our only option may very will be war and starting from scratch. 

    • I strongly believe that all of this is leading to War whether we want to accept that or not....  The Declaration of Independence gives us that option to start over again....

    • Ah ... another Paul ... see what I just wrote to Paul Simmon.

  • My gut tells me that our election results were tampered with but it really isn't evidence of fraud. I want the feds to provide honest forensic analysis and then I will believe the results

    • There is evidence of fraud! Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. Again I say, keep your eye on Sidney Powell. She's got the goods. She said she's going to name names pay attention and you'll have the information you need to be a true believer!

    • Perfect JC4you. From Jimmy Durante (I think) ... "you ain't seen nothin' yet".

  • Time to began arresting those who wanted to overthrow our election.Time to call this an illegal election and tell Biden and his socialist to tell the truth Trump is our President 

    • Barry at the front of the line.  

  • More evidence. I'm sure Giuliani and Barr are on the case. Trump was right when he said he hired only the best people. I trust that one of these great lawyers will come through for Trump.

    • Giuliani for sure - Barr we need to see in action!  Still waiting....

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