AZ: Were Dominion Reps Tabulating Votes in 2020?

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  • People ... patience. I'm an ex New Yorker. Giuliani's no slouch! Just recently came to hear Sydney Powell ... no slouch either. The stuff is about to hit the fan. There will be some heads rolling over this Dominion stuff!!

  • Short of our Trump card, it seems that aces and eights are it. I truly hope those have the means will deal the likes of Schuab, Junker Soros, Gates, our civil servant betrayers of humanity, and the self-declared aristrocrat inheriters of the earth, the hand they deserve.

    They are all known, but think themselves untouchable:

    One look at the President Børge Brendes' face says reams.




    The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political,…
  • All and Any Evidence will be ignored or destroyed by the ENEMY WITHIN! No way we voted for the left and their roaming hordes of TERRORISTS!!

  • If this is true why is nothing happening? No one gets convicted, no one goes to jail, same old info different agenda. 

    • Why? Because Trump is correct. The US is a failed state, in which you can't trust the courts, law enforcement (like the CIA and FBI), elections, government agencies and departments, public education etc.

    • Failed state? Are you out of your mind??

    • No, I am not out of my mind. I listen to Trump and I read the comments attentatively. Trump and our comments are very clear. We can't trust the elections, the courts, the FBI, CIA, government agencies (FDA, CDC, EPA,....), public education. When you can't trust such fundamental elements of a state, you are talking about a failed state. Or are you telling me now that Trump and the rest of us are wrong? That the elections are not rigged, the courts will admit the mountains of evicence submitted by the Trump campaign, the DOJ will come after Hillary and all other criminals whose guilt is obvious and well known, the CDC has the the country's best interest at heart when they kill the economy with their recommendation for the china virus, etc etc? Really? Did Trump and we get all of this wrong all this time?

    • Paul ... sure we have problems ... and they will get fixed ... SOON! You sound like the US of A is gone ... no no and no. We'd have lost WWII with that kind of thinking. This game has just started my friend!! Be patient my friend.

    • I sound like the USA is gone? I told you that I'm just summarizing what I read here and what Trump is telling us honestly. The world hears the same things from the President of the United States. Everyone knows now what a hallowed out and corrupt country the US is.

      They will get fixed SOON? We had Trump in office for four years who is the most accomplished president in the history of the country and the election in 2020 was more rigged than it was in 2016. Is that how thing get fixed soon? How will they get fixed? 

  • Time for war!

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