A package containing the deadly poison ricin addressed to President Trump was allegedly intercepted by law enforcement earlier this week, according to news reports Saturday. 

The substance was reportedly confirmed by two separate tests. If inhaled or ingested, it can cause organ failure and eventual death. 

The FBI and the Secret Service are investigating the matter, CNN reported.

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This is just breaking so there isn't a lot out there on it yet!


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  • more treason from leftist maggots.  And they claim Trump supporters are violent when it is them who are hateful, violent, exclusive bigots.

  • Obviously a death message to try to scare off an absolutely wonderful President,  we pray, and we must pray, and ask God to keep him protected and safe, every day!

  • Had to be another brain dead, illiterate, libtard Democrat.  Who else would send a bag full of harmless castor beans Ovbiously, they were too stupid to continue the process of formulating actual RICIN. 

  • Nancy Pelosi?

  • If it was mailed then the USPS will investigate and they have the best investigators in the world. I want to see that idiot do the perp walk

  • I knew the demoncrats would try something nefarious; they are so transparent. I'm surprised the Commie News Network reported it. God protect Mr. Trump.

  • Why Ms Harris, what are you doing ???

  • If the left wants a real war, they can just say it.  

    • They have said it. It's called a Communist Revolution.They have lots of  aid from high places too!


    • Just remember, obama imported thousands of middleeastern 3 year olds with 5 year old beards. He imbedded them strategically through out the country, and I am sure by now armed them with the same type of weapons that he and eric holder gave to the drug cartel during their " fast and furious " debacle.

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