• I pray they will take down the oppresive govt

  • I am positive that it is past time for the true Patriots to rise up, hit the streets and demand that the government start doing their job.  The American people will fight it comes to that.  It has already happened twice in our history.  It can and will happen again, if things don't change.   

  • I find it entirely believable, having witnessed the "Weed of Progressive Socialist Democrats" break through the soil of Our Republic of Sovereign Citizens in the 60's, through the Blossom under the Dark, Oppressive Rule of Obama and His Minions. Oh Yes, I have been witness to the cancerous erosion of All of Our Bill of Rights!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Think it can't happen here?  Think again!

  • The Australian Peoples have an amazing history of tolerance for up to a certain point then the "Shackles Come Off" and Freedom Reigns Once More. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The more I hear about the dwindling rights of the people of Australia the more I feel for them and the more I dislike their govt.

    How can a "free" country be so callous as to act this way and expect its citizens to remain calm like sheep going to slaughter?

    Although in the USA we are leading our own to slaughter with vax mandates that include losing your job with no chance for unemployment benefits.

    Are we any better?

    All those people of all walks of life who worked every day during the days of high covid transmission deserve a big thank you, not a kick in the pants as they're thrown out on the street!!!

    • Yes we are somewhat better off, but can risk setback by deriliction. 

      This is gametime for the Botany Bay descendants to mandate their sufferage in abuses by the Crown.

      For us, we are being prompted to mend our fences which have been woefully neglected.

      Notice how in both instances, lapses in diligence call for exploitation in time?

      Once being gained, the price of freedom is constant vigilance.

  • 9639048653?profile=RESIZE_400xThis dynamic World of ours is driven by subtle catalytic fundamentals.

    Through challenge, response, and resolution, its exciting story unfolds.

    The Australians were afforded a comfortable dalliance, for future exploit.

    But now challengers seek to harvest its resources: lock, stock and barrel.

    For the unhurried Australians, this may be their 1700s moment in history.

    The Queen seems paralyzed in recognition and response (how is that?).

    She is still a Constitutional Monarch, and has a say in her realms affairs.


  • It is incredible how Australia has turned into a Nazi country with the government wanting to control every aspect of your life. 

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