• COMING SOON TO A CITY NEAR YOU; The One World Order-!!! MANY WILL DIE- Your Decision Today Will Decide Your Tomorrow- You Can Decide WHOM THE PEOPLE THAT DIE-!!! Being Native American, I was taught You NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT, just look at History, NOTHING BUT LIES and BROKEN PROMISE'S-!!! THEY HAVE ALSO DONE THIS TO THE AFRICAN (Slaves)-!!! This is "HATE" at it's finest-! Dem's, Media and Marxist use; SLANDER, RACISM, LIES, FEAR, HATE and DIVISION, TO RULE THE MASSES.... AMERICA FIRST-!!!

  • In a Country that has been conditioning its Children to accept "Lies as Truths", what else could Americans now expect? Really! " Everyone is a Winner." "There are no Losers." School Standards are lowered so "All Children Graduate With Their Class" in order to maintain Self Esteem. Rowdy/Unruly/Bully Students no longer receive immediate "Corporeal Punishment", they now receive Counselling, along with the affected Fellow Students and Educators. Rapist, Wifw/Child Beaters and Molesters receive Psychological Assessments/Hospitalized rather than being Locked Away to Protect The Greater Society. As the Gun Murder Rates in Our Major Cities Rise 900% above the period two years previously, The States Solutions are to Demand Law Abiding Citizens to Lock and Key their Firearms within their Homes, in addition, should a " Legal Registered Firearm " be stolen from a Home and found, the "Owner" is Fined $50,000! The Truth being, the Gun Murders are highest among Illegals, Followed immediately by Minority Gang Groups. Compromised by the Governmental Reduction/Restrictions of Police Departments across Our Nations due to the Media's failure to fairly compare the Annual Rate of Suspects Killed By Police Officers being Less Than 1/40th Prior to the BLM Riots and ensuing "Deaths!" The Conditioning/Training/Education has far advanced from our Schools and into Our Mainstream, Everyday Lives, to a point at which it is accepted as "Normal." Fortunately, My Wife, My Friends and Myself are too old and experienced to change, and will not.adapt.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • We are not too far behind.  Has aoc's dress designer started designing the brown shirts for biden's administration?

  • Australia is becoming the spearhead of the resistance to the totalitarian takeover by the New World Order.

    They have the strictest lockdowns for the slimmest of reasons anywhere.

    Their police force becomes more like the Gestapo every day in every way.

    How long before they start sending people to the gas chamber for not being vaccinated?


  • Remember that "You Are America!" Resist and Fight!" Continue and repeat.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Wash and repeat, wash and repeat, wash and repeat the resistance!

  • People of the world don't let your country become a communist government starting with America 

  • Servers down!  Right!?!  What has happened to the government in Australia.  They have gone full blown Communist!  (Much like the government of the USA!)

    • Martha, it seems to be happening everywhere and I credit it to the long awaited take over by the wealthy beasts and their New One World Order plan.

    • Yup

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