• Janet, my prayer also!!!!!  I daily ask Almighty God to open the eyes of the blind before it is too late for all of us!!!!!


  • I spent 13 plus years under Soviet rule and believe me, it is not something the ordinary American can possibly wish for.  Ignorance is the problem, they have no idea what life is like in a place like China or Venezuela or Cuba. 

    • Eddie,

      Where in Hungary did you live?

    • I visited the Czech Republic and that was enough to convince me.

      I lived in Panama for 3 years and that was enough to convince me.   That is a corrupt, money laundering, drug pass through to the US.   2 classes of people.   The winners, very few of them.  And, the bulk of the population are the losers.


    • "Ignorance is the problem, they have no idea what life is like in a place like China or Venezuela or Cuba."

      Then the silver lining for this catastrophe is that it serves as a wake-up call for the vast many who thought they could politically slumber, unaffected and uncaring.

      All we need do is survive the lesson. Surprise!

  • God bless you.  This must be so upsetting for you.  Unfortunately too many people do not see past their noses and their cell phones.  I pray for us all.

  • Politicians have been selling out The People and Small Business (the little People have to Be RULED)IN PURSUIT of POWER and MONEY= "ONE WORLD RULE"-!!! Take A Look At THE WORLD

    • Of course. Who elects them?

      The ones tasked to take out the trash, that's who.

    • Unfortunately, the gimmes are the ones with the largest share of the vote.   60% of American taxpayers pay NO income taxes.   Those are 60% of voters.   THEY ARE VOTING FOR HANDOUTS AND FREE RIDES.   And COMMUNISTS LOVE TO SELL WHAT THEY WILL NEVER DELIVER.

    • Many are small business owners who build businesses, buying supplies, building buildings and writing them off.......they bust their bottoms trying to make a go of it, all legal, they create jobs, used to employ most of the workforce in America. They don'ttake handouts, they aren't lazy, but will take advantage of every taxbrake available to them......and they should!

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