• They all go to parties together, rub elbows and rub bellies, I am taking bets, NOTHING is going to happen to any of them. Do they look worried? They know the fix is in. They have stolen billions from the American people while they were raising taxes to steal more. They have sold our military secrets to china, our yellow cake uranium to russia, obama sent $150 billion to iran to arm the terrorist state to murder our military. The obamas live in mansions along with obiden, pelosi, waters, paul ryan, they are walled off estates, while they let all the parasites steal into the country and get welfare, healthcare, food stamps, costing the American taxpayers billions a year, the last figure I saw was $365 billion, and that piece of shit joe blow obiden wants to raise our taxes. They depleted social security by giving it to all their foreign cronies regardless of what country they from. They give their imported terrorists 10s of thousands of dollars to embed themselves in America, to cause problems. Look, if you come here you had better have money, we do not owe you squat, if you are a minority, then tough shit, you chose to come here and do not deserve any special privileges. LEAVE!! America is tired of your tantrums! And frankly do not want or need you here.

  • I'm giving my vote to President Trump this election and I expect him to bring all these swamp rats to justice. TRUMP 2020

  • This isn't new to me. I heard about the N.Y. cops getting sick to their stomach from what they read in those emails years ago. What I heard what was making them sick was the child pornagrahpy and sex parties with children. I imagine many of you heard about the communist push to make sex with children legal? I believe it's because if the laptop emails are used as evidence their lawyers will say that child sex is legal now so it doesn't apply. All the evidence we need to put the Clintons and much of the deep state away forever is on that laptop.

  • The DOJ and FBI investigations are all rigged to arrive at predetermined outcomes... Pres. Trump needs to creat a DIVISION in the FBI and DOJ to ferret out POLITICAL CORRUPTION and nothing elese... man it and fund it properly, indict and try cases using non-career professionals from the outside to handle the prosecution and investigations... staff the entire division wtih non-career employes hand picked by Trump's own lawyers... not the DOJ or FBI.

  • if you claim to oppose racism but yet turn away from margaret sanger then expect anything

  • If they are revealed the whole nation will go into a rage.

    • It's time for a rage. It's also time for the criminals to rot in prison.

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