• Typical dumb democrat, elected by dumber democrats to perform a job based on popularity rather than ability. I guess the only thing you can contribute it to is FREE SHIT!  FREE SHIT! By the way, she ain't bad looking. The other worthless democrat, on the left in this photo borders on extremely UGLY!

  • i guess she is ok with how atlanta looks to outsiders and the impact that this has on tourists revenue

  • All we have to know about the Left: They destroy everything they touch

    • The Progressives are the first wave of the Borg invasion. They believe that resistance to their totalitarian agenda is futile. Pray that they are mistaken...

  • She is a lying marxist soros paid hack. Useless in every way. The idiots in atlanta are reaping the consequences of leftist azzclownz.

  • So, I guess its okay for a company size element of BLM, marching in step armed to the teeth is okay?????

  • If isn't "gun violence" you idiots, it is "people violence with a gun." 

    They are blaming Trump for the crime in the city that has been dim controlled for many years.  Seems that they should have been fixing this crap many years ago.

  • The Africans in America have proven themselves to be unworthy of living in the United States hence the violence in their neighborhoods!  All Africans must be rounded up and shipped back to Africa so they can run wild and free!!

    • They weouldn't last 3 days without their government assistance, afreeka doesn't give you freebies. 

  • Of course, it's not her responsibility. These loser Demonrats never take responsibility for their actions. In contrast to that, Trump is standing tall, takes charge, makes decisions, and assumes responsibility. He is a real leader.

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