• Organized groups that regularly engage in violence are not protestors... they are DOMESTIC TERRORIST and TRUMP, the DOJ and FBI need to pursue them as such. These individuals are no different than the two white men who blew up the Murrah, Federal Building, in Oklahoma City, circa 1995.  We must stop labeling these terrorists as protestors and PROSECUTE THEM UNDER THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW using the Patriot Act and Domestic Terrorism laws of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

    We must not treat arrests of individuals involved as misdemeanors ... subject to small fines and immediate release from jail.  We must treat these criminal terrorists as felons under Federal Law and incarcerate them without bail... until trial... and where convicted sentence them to 10-40 yrs in prison using the existing federal guidelines for sentencing.  No more slap on the wrist for terrorist acts.


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      Here is her contact information

      Mayor--Keisha Lance Bottoms (404) 330-6054,

  • Not all Democrats are stupid... some actually care about their constituents and the backlash violence brings to everyone.

    • THAT'S RARE, but won't make up for the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Sharpton, Waters, Tlaib, Omar, you democrats not have even a CURIOSITY how so many cities suddenly mobilized their rioters and ravaged a dozen cities?  You are not concerned about outside agitators and anarchists?  You are not pissed about a rat like Soros funding rioters to enflame cities?

    • That's true, but they are hard to find when they wallow in the muck and mire the rest of them live in.


  • Wow! Isn't she a democrat? Amazing that one of them would use the grey matter she was born with.

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      She is indeed a Democrat! She was totally moritfied at all the rioting and vandalism going on in Atlanta, as I was.

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