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    • They Will go totally berserk! But who cares if he's reelected first. Impeachment will not hurt him! he'll but just put his attorneys on it while he goes on with his job, on with his business,  with his goals and intentions!

  • It is past time to invoke the Insurrection Act.  It should have been done when the firrst riot started.

  • Not one damned thing is "preventing the enforcement of State laws".  Refusing to enforce is not the same as preventing enforcement.  Not only do these states refuse to enforce, they are endorsing more lawlessness as well.

    I am so sick of 'scholars' pretending that they are experts.  Trump is upholding the Constitution.  He is NOT THE PROBLEM.

    • Which is why the US AG and the FBI can investigate why civil rights and Federal Laws are being violated and not enforced by State and Local police and Elected Officials. They can be arrested and there is plenty of evidence on tape. So, why a 3 month delay to prosecute them? It is an election year and the optics of elected officials and police getting arrested would make Trump look like a Tyrant. Meanwhile, American citizens are being hurt by it. How is Trump upholding the Constitution when it is clearly being violated and all he does is twitt vein threats? I put together a petition to sue the government for failing to uphold their oath of office, failing to protect out Constitutional Rights and causing grevious injury to the citizens of the USA. The evidence that our government is failing us is beyond self evident. It is gross negligence and criminal. Sign my petition to protect us from tyranny and oppression. We must use the courts to put a check on the Executive and Legislative branched of both Federal and State governments. Out inaction and unwillingness to go on the offense, will lead to more injustice and despotism. I have contacted the ACLJ and they have put up a cone of silence. I guess they are affraid of their millionaire donors not supporting them. None the less, I will continue to fight on.

  • I am tired of the President and Republicans washing their hands of the riots. They are acting as if they can do nothing because the States are not asking for help. This is totally false and being used for political purposes. During the time of the KKK, the Democrats were violating Federal Law and State/Local police were ignoring the violence and criminal activity. The FBI with the US AG investigated these crimes and arrested the police officers involved. In 1976, Congress inacted laws and guidlines to give the FBI greater authority to investigate and arrest anyone committing Federal crimes and violating the civil rights of American citizens. As you can see, the Democrats repeat history but the Federal government does have the authority to put a stop to it without the States' permission.

    And Justice for All, 1954-1971 | Federal Bureau of Investigation
    A history of the FBI from the mid-1950s through the early-1970s, defined by important cases and national and international events, including the Civi…
    • Actually, I think the hands off approach and the continued hammering of the left is the best thing to do right now.

      The left wants Trump to go in and fix things, then they can portray him as a tyrant.  Right no the left is hurting it's chances in the election because many people that would normally vote dim are seeing how the dim polices are hurting them and will vote GOP in Nov.

      Besides, I have NO sympathy for the people in these dim cities, many of which voted for the "leadership" that is allowing them to be harmed, the rest went along because it was the easy thing to do.

      Keep in mind that Portland is multnomah county and multnomah, lane, and marion counties control all of oregon.  Those 3 counties alone elected the dim governor, that could override the dim mayor, and I really don't care if they actually destroy the city.  Wheeler won his 2016 election with 54% of the vote and was endorsed by the Portland Business Alliance, and the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council.

      Screw those people.  They are getting what they voted for.

    • Absolutely the President -has all the authority needed to jail a few Governors, State AG's,  Mayors and City Councils for insurrection, misprision of a felony, and accessory to riot, arson, looting, murder and a host of other crimes ... jail a few hundred individuals using the patriot act ... and put them away waiting for trial in GITMO.


      Bible Gateway passage: 1 Peter 2:14 - English Standard Version
      or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good.
    • AMEN TO THAT, send them to GITMO,

    • I second that in a heart beat

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