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  • Time for President Trump to protect all Americans that under attack by this terrorize 

    • that's right


  • I hope and pray that next year he will put Obama and his administration to jail.

    •  You know Jeff Noncent.....I have always wondered why GITMO was left open.  Could it be a mere considense.   Mmmmm....could be...could be not.  But I am happy that option still exist.  Both Clintons, and Obummer need that sort of thing to taste what they put the American people thru from  their miserable 8 year administration.  It was an illegal administration and Trump should have no problems in wiping Obamas ass clean from all records.  It should have never happened.   He should be the one deported for his illegally entering the USA for starters.  This country has been started on a fast track to viability again...and no two-bit dumbocrat will stand in our way.   

    • if we elect all Republican in the white house things wiil start to be in shape.


  • Hooray! It will be so wonderful to see the authorities take charge in the cities, take charge over the democratic government leaders that will not do anything about the problem, and take charge and arrest and detain all of these treasonous anarchist troublemakers. These people that have no regard for human life no regard for others, and no regard for property rights. They're destroying buildings and property smashing breaking burning, and leaving middle-class hard-working people with no place to earn a living! What a disgrace, and these people every single one of them should be incarcerated for a long enough period of time to realize that if they had an acted out they wouldn't be there in the first place, 

    yes yes yes I say President Trump call it treasonous Collett sedition Collett anything the constitution allows you to call it that gives you permission to go in there with troops and put everything back in proper order now!

    • It is not looking good... Kenosha just released the RIOT KITCHEN radicals... they posted a mere 150.00 bail and were released.  The supposed RIOT KITCHEN was cooking up a lot more than food...

      When the police arrested the Riot Kitchen, the police found bomb-making materials, riot gear, gas masks, and drugs, in their vehicles... These friendly cooks for progress, however, got off with 150.00 bail and a hearing date.  Even though there was probable cause to charge them with very serious felony crimes they are free to engage in cooking up more riot... Bomb-making material, drugs, riot gear, gas masks all point to much more than operating a 'free kitchen' to feed peaceful protestors... right?

      Let's hope that President Trump demands his federal officers and US Attorneys get serious about the charges filed and stop messing around slapping these insurrectionists on the hand and then releasing them... too, return to riot the next day.  End the 'catch and release' of rioters, looters, arsonists, and insurrectionists.  Charge these miscreants of mayhem with serious felonies... and lock them up for a long, long time. There is enough endemic crime in our inner cities and major metro streets, the police don't need to release those removed, so they can engage in more crime.

    • it's going to get worse as the day goes by the Bible predict that we should not be surprised and it doesn't matter which president is in the office.


  • The one thing these riots by the scum of the earth is that many americans, including normal Democrats see what is going on and BY WHOM. We all can see how the DEM politicians are enciting these thugs. This is not your previous DEM party.

    • The Dems Have been a problem party for decades, going back even to Woodrow Wilson, but they were not so overt and open about it, they tried to keep their dirty dealings under the radar so that they could keep on. I think in this time they thought it was time to go for it and that they could take over the country and turned it into a communist dictatorship. But they didn't count on people like us, people like President Trump, people that are not going to except it, like for example pastors of good churches. We are all standing up against them and they did not expect that‼️👏‼️

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