• In truth knowing the corruption of the demoncrats this so called officer was probably an antifa guy dressed up as an officer and was told to kill someone innocent!

  • We have no protection legal or otherwise in this nation! God is the only protection for anyone.

  • The officer murdered this woman, plain and simple.  It's time for him to be identified, arrested, convicted, and executed for the murder of Ashli,

  • Police know who shot her - Kick his ass

  • Ashli is a hero!  Her family will win that case!

  • Apparently White Lives do not matter. Hope the ones that get sued are Piglosi and the Dems

  • I believe that little communist Sullivan BLM activast posing as a Trump supporter posted in a tweet that she got what was coming to her for being a Trump supporter.

  • I guess the media doesn't get leaks when the left has the keys. This guy might have made it to the next day before they revealed everything about him/her if this was someone on the left being murdered by a capital police officer. They would still be burning and looting in D.C. 

  • Good, thank God their not letting this get shut down. It's a very good example of the double standard going on about her. Like I've said before the left has no shame, no guilt, even with video they'll deny it, lol. 

  • i dont care what you read or watch, this woman is not dead she was not shot the whole thing was staged by pelosi and her ilk 

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