• Seriously?? You think this was staged? That was a real bullet. It wasn't to her chest but to her neck and she bled out. There are enough eyewitness accounts and the video is proof enough. Why would her family be suing if this was fake?

    • excuse me, you were there? you know her and her family personally? did you see the video of under her body after they picked her up? just a small drop of red stuff, if you have ever seen a human "bleed out" there is a huge amount of blood ,especially from a neck wound that has two huge blood passeges, seriously stop believing anything you see on tv.

    •  I think everyone here would love to see she's still alive. I can't say what you write is impossible by our government but state your case. I thought she was shot in the neck, the letter says shot in the chest so now we don't even know where she was shot. The secrecy about it all makes you wonder. Nothing about the shooter but in any other case it would be his life's story already blasted all over media. If you know something about it lets hear it.

    • It's hard for me to believe a 4 time vet would do that but it has crossed my mind, and in this time, anything is possible. Up is down and down is up.

    • I believe what happened in the capital was planed by the Democratic party.


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  • if I was the attorney I would sue the Black live matter, Antifa, and the police department. I will go after the Democrat that applaud this tragedy.

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