• Of course that moron ROBERT DAVID STEELE has said on an interview with Kerry Cassidy from PROJECT CAMELOT that Ashli had FAKED HER DEATH!!!!

    That guy is an utter fool!

    • Where is the arrest for excessive force or murder if she was indeed shot by a police officer... she was not armed and posed in physical threat to the Police Officer... it is either one or the other... she is dead and hence excessive force was used... or it was staged and no one died?

    • Were they in the capitol after forceing their way into it, or were they there legally as being invited in?

    • It looked to me she wasn't trying to enter through the door but through a broken window of the door, that's not an entrance by invitation

    • Good question Mike... based on what evidence, interviews, and videos, it appears that they may have been invited... the whole event stinks as a RED FLAG OPERATION designed to interrupt the counting and Congressional CERTIFICATION OF THE ELECTION...  Had the Joint Session been allowed to review ALL OF THE EVIDENCE of election fraud I feel confident that Congress would have been forced to decertify sufficient electoral votes to throw the election into the House... for a simple majority vote by State Delegations ... one vote per state delegation.  See: 12th Amendment  U.S. Constitution - Twelfth Amendment | Resources | Constitution An...

      The vote in the House would or should have gone to Trump as the GOP controls 24 States with 15 by the Democrats, the other 11 states are split... VP Pence permitted the Joint Session to bypass the PUBLIC AIRING Of all the evidence of Election Fraud... his name shall forever go down in infamy. 

      U.S. Constitution - Twelfth Amendment | Resources | Constitution Annotated | | Library…
      The original text of the Twelfth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.
    • The last I had heard was that the officer accused of shooting her was in hiding for fear of his life! Hmm?

      I don't know but I saw what certainly appeared to be blood on the floor behind her head.

      I also had heard from others about because of certain conditions the blood could not have come from behind her head???Hmmm?Hmmm>?

      Besides all of this of what benefit would have been gained to fake her death? The 'protestors' were already pissed off at the government and were already ding something presumed to be illegal. So, what benefit could be gained by the opposition in faking Ashli's death??

      I guess you might ask her husband.

    • What benefit is there for inciting riot... what benefit can come from a staged event where an unarmed WOMAN is reported shot by the police... and the officer's name is supposedly not known nor is he arrested for excessive force. 

      This shooting was certainly more egregious than the drug-related death of FLOYD... the purpose here is to create outrage and to heat-up the argument that JUSTICE for conservatives is being routinely denied and that there is no hope that the legal system will address our just grievances... leading to what? Civil war. That has been the purpose of the violence going back over a year ago... the left is creating a scenario to justify civil war... which will cover for purging tens of millions of counter-revolutionaries. 

  • Where are the cries EXCESSIVE FORCE... this small woman was unarmed posing no physical threat to anyone ... no commands to stop or cease and desist were issued, Hence, she may have been murdered and the law is not doing a thing about it.  How do we know if an Antifa agent was not the shooter?  The Police are not reporting who shot this woman.

    If there ever was a case for excessive force this is it.  There were several officers on the scene ... their identities are all known.  Confiscate their weapons and do a ballistics test to see whose weapons were fired and used in what now appears to be a murder.  Standard investigative techniques should reveal who shot this unarmed woman in less than a day...  dId they test any of the officers for gun powder residue or confiscate their weapons to see if they were fired? 

    It is so troubling one must ask if she was actually shot or was the event staged... Is the tail wagging the dog here?  If not where is the arrest of the Police Officer who used excessive force to detain a none threatening woman?  Why the letter only from this lawyer... where is the Lawsuit it certainly is justified.

    I suspect no one will be arrested as there was no incident... it was probably staged.  I want to know where the lawsuit is filed?

  • An "Unidentified" officer... but who HAPPENS to have been caught on VIDEO!!!  Can't wait until the FBI clowns are FORCED to start identifying the ANTIFA thugs WE ALL KNOW WERE LEADING THE FALSE FLAG AND AGENT PROVACATEUR OPERATIONS DRESSED AS TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!!

    • The FBI director was covering for them the other day so we might have a very long wait till we learn the truth. Remember the FBI who was a very big part in the Russia hoax that cost us millions of wasted tax dollars in investigations are now rounding up conservative people for Jan 6th but we got crickets from them about the burning and looting for profit by antifa and black lives ONLY matter. How does that work in a court of law, nevermind they control that too.

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