As Democrat lies compound, the truth will out

As Democrat lies compound, the truth will out
By Earick Ward

{ } ~ Have you ever lied, or ever watched someone else lie? What commonly occurs is a compounding of more lies, designed to cover the original lie and subsequently keep the truth from being discovered.

It is not enough that the left cheated a lie. What we are witnessing today is the left flailing about, working tirelessly to conceal its deceit.

If leftists rightfully won the 2020 presidential election, and now the subsequent Georgia Senate runoff, one would think we'd see a measured process for transitioning scumbag/liar-Joe Biden and lowlife/liar-Kamala Harris into the presidency and vice presidency.  

What we're seeing instead is chaos. A myriad of leftist entities, from pols to Media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and others, are whipped into a frenzy to silence dissent and cut short the president's term.

There are so many threats now: The 25th Amendment, impeachment, punishment, and threats of punishment of anyone who dares question the legitimacy of the vote, and now mass censorship of the president and American citizens? Are these necessary when a peaceful transition of power is scheduled to occur in a mere 10 days?  

If you have the truth, pound the truth. If you don't have the truth, pound the table.

What we are witnessing is a tantrum of spoiled children, pounding the table.

We know they lied. They know they lied. We know they know they lied. The more that they flail about, the more at peace you should feel that our cause is just.

No one, when he has lit a lamp, covers it with a bushel, or hides it in a basement, but places it upon a lampstand that all may see the light. For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden (lies) that will not be known to come to light. —Luke 8:16-17

As has been said before, democracy dies in darkness.

The question for us all: Will the light of truth be revealed before or after January 20? Never.

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  • In a world of darkness...  light is hated and it is doubtful the left will ever allow the truth to be displayed for everyone to see. Don't look for Pres. Biden or his Administration to erect any lamp posts or lighthouses.

    The censorship and now blocking of conservative forums... by the MSM and its allies on the internet are doing everything they can to keep the light from shining.  In point of fact it is working and unless Pres. Trump uses Martial Law to restore freedom of speech we are about to see a new DARK AGE descend upon America.

    • Ronald

       Thanks for the truth. Its delightful to hear it. scumbag/liar-Biden will never never erect al lamp or lighthounse that is for sure.

      I'm also sure the president Trump won't uses Marital Law to restore freedom. If he does I will be suprised.

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