• I'm fight back against DEVILCRATS.  all the way .

  • Sounds like Biden has made a declaration of war against the American People

  • This idiot and his socialist party fear for the truth to come out We the People must vote them out of the country this is a nation created by the people let them go to their home country China 

  • Screw you.

  • Shameful liar

  • These idiots must think that no one has noticed the burning, murders, maiming and rioting from their Gestapo Antifa and BLM. WE DO. Was not a MAGA teen murdering anyone.

  • They are running scared... but every lie which he mentions and takes credit for, how wonderful of a president he is.. shows how treasonous and dellusional he is!!  He has always blamed Trump for everything sleepy-joe's done wrong!  He is an evil, demented person.. he should be in a home and taken care of.  Sad he's the puppet of the left, and his family let's this happen.  God knows how all this will wash.  America is heading for a 3rd World country, and it breaks my heart if we let this continue!!  Vote these evil doers out for them to NEVER come back.. stand by God, and do what is right for America, your children and Grand-children, so they will have a life without fear and have the freedom America has always had.  Sleepy-joe has spent billions, sent it all over the world and hates America and the people.. he's padded his pockets and only cares about his family having all the glory and luxury our money can buy him!  Hard working Americans have worked all their lives just so joe can take it from us??  I am old,  and yet will not let this take me down without a fight!!  I stand by America, will vote along with the RED WAVE coming in November, and again in 2024!!  America is my country, and I stand by her.. God Bless, and RIP for the young man who was killed by a leftist, crazy man who is NOT in prison at this time... this is unbelievable what the left is doing and has done!!!!!

  • liar liar: pants on fire

  • Treason

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