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  • I could not open the video cause of Twitter....I have been banned for 3 to 4 months now, and cannot enjoy all the wonderful and pristine things Twitter has to offer........(hehehe).  So if anyone that post a twitter thing on here, not everyone can open them.   If possible change the file extension, or format into something else would be appreciated.   Twitters tinnacles reach deep and far and wide.  Like a cancer they are...

    • I am having the same problem.


  • The election was a complete FRAUD as we all know. I just pray Trump can expose it all and SOON

    • Keeping the faith here, 5D chess. No worthy opponents. World DCLAS expose'.

    • Our future and the future of Our Country depend on it.

      And, the world is a better place with a strong America.

  • The military is just one more reason we all know President Trump beat the living poop out of Joe Biden at the ballot box.  We may or may not ever know the actual vote counts, but Donald Trump won the popular vote, the electoral vote based off of that popular vote, and Joe Biden needs to keep his dementia adled butt in the basement.

  • It really torques me to hear any military say anything other than positive stuff about Our President.

    Do they fail to comprehend that the prior administration had Our Troops, OUR DEFENSE, in such bad shape that the only fighting they could do was hand to hand combat as there were NO BULLETS fo rtheir weapons when President Trump took office.   HE MADE IT THE PRIORITY TO REBUILD AND OUTFIT OUR TROOPS.   HE MADE IT POSSIBLE TO PROTECT THEIR OWN ARSES. 

    • ADMIN

      Did you not watch the video??? They LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!! What I am saying is how on earth did all those votes go to Biden???

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