• Reichstag Fire Two .............Another Failure for the enemy within.


  • Are there going to be repercussions against those that showed up to protest, not riot, but to protest the abcense of due process regarding the J6 gathering?  Ashli Babbit was shot by an armed officer as she, with others, was trying to get through a door.  We, who saw the video could tell those weren't armed insurgents.  But since the current Communist DC Regime thinks the Taliban are their friends and J6 citizens are their enemies - who knows what they will do next.  One thing we do know, no one can ever predict what the truly insane,drunk on power, money and control, freaks will do next!

  • Walls for the elite. No walls for us commoners.

  • Nancy Chuck and the Commie Demorats put up fencing once again around OUR Capital buildings for protection against American citizens. I guess the Commie Demorats now believe WALLS will stop people. And if an American Citizen dared to breach the fence would the Swat Police shoot to kill?   

    Demand we finish our Southern Border WALL Immediately to stop illegal immigration. Place our Army at the Border to in unsure no one breaches the wall. This is a Trojan Horse Invasion!!!

  • This time Nancy was out of town, and AOC flashes her backside yet doesn’t fear for being raped.

  • We need to have these events every weekend of 50 people and hope that Antifa will show up and get exchanged with the innocent Democratic victems in jail being held with out charges.

  • Oh Oh communication gone wrong. 

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