• "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." ----Joseph Stalin

  • sorry 'is'.

  • Ok they cheated/ Let's march to the White House and throw that prick out.AND that is exactly what he isi si a PRICK!

    • They did not CHEAT... cheating is what children do when sharing homework or stacking a deck of cards... FELONY ELECTION FRAUD IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE start calling it a crime, and stop patronizing criminals.

  • The GOP in both Houses of Congress and the State Legislatures need to be pushing for IMPEACHMENT and or Expulsion... of all members suspected of occupying their offices by election fraud..  Daily articles of Impeachment should be presented on the floor of the House challenging all elected officials whose offices were obtained by Fraud.  Simply, ignoring the fraud will not change future elections it will only encourage more fraud.  

    It is becoming clear that the GOP and RNC may well have been involved in the fraudulent elections of 2020 and others... their failure to follow up on obvious cases of Election Fraud with significant criminal allegations and evidence presented in Articles of Expulsion or Impeachment begs the question why not... we should never go along to get along or compromise the law to avoid CIVIL UNREST or RIOT... in fact, we need to challenge such intimidation with additional Impeachment and Expulsion Articles outlining the crimes being committed by those involved in the defrauding of America's electoral system.

    Obstruction of Justice and massive acts to cover up electoral fraud appear to be occurring in both political parties, at the Federal and local levels of government. Corruption appears to be bipartisan and rampant.  Those suggesting we can bring about reforms thru the electoral process are fantasizing given the historical record of Election Fraud.

    • I agree with you!

  • Hey look folks, if there is nothing to hide, why not just do the forensic audits and cut out all the bull sh*t.. 

    I fear the problem is, that there is something to hide and they are scared sh*tless they will be found out, otherwise why obstruct.. That also holds true in the 6 other states  where voting irregularities are suspected   ---   jus sayin

    • Of course there is something to hide and it is not just fraud to acquire power. There is money involved but no one will say it. However, ask yourself how did Joe Biden become a millionaire as a senator? Do some research someday and find out how many members of the legislative branch of government are millionaires or close and ask yourself how did they do it legitimately? They didn’t there is something nefarious there. As someone who worked for government I know/knew (I’m retired now) people who were stealing from the government and got caught (but many if not most didn’t get caught) because of fink on a fed (a hot line where it is possible to report suspicions or facts and they will investigate the report no name has to be given). I along with several others suspected something funny was going on and once reported it was discovered there was a lot going on to the tune of millions perhaps ten of millions. Problem even after being caught they were not prosecuted just asked to resign and are to this day, if in fact they are still alive, drawing their pension.

      That is how “this” government works in the swamp! Furthermore, the larger the government the easier it is to hide. Just where do you think these Trillions of dollars Biden is preparing to spend are going to go? Not for infrastructure that is for sure (it is reported only five percent of Trillions is slated to go to infrastructure). Much of it is pay back for support and will go to his supporters. These people have sold out the country and most Americans do not even suspect anything!

      In the final analysis if you elect a crook into the oval office this is what you can expect to get. Criminal actions! They are not afraid to do anything because they do not get punished for anything! Didn’t we learn that in the Russian charade?

    • Of course, there is plenty to hide starting with America no longer has a Constitutional, representative government... Our elections are rigged to arrive at predetermined outcomes... and both political parties are involved. 

      The most cursory of electoral examinations will reveal huge acts of fraud and election manipulation... One doesn't need a 'forensic audit' to understand that upwards of 10K underage voters in Ga voted illegally, or that the illegal votes of tens of thousands of aliens and the dead directly changed the legitimate election of our public officials.  Massive abuses of our election laws permitted tens of thousands of the dead to be resurrected and to vote, thousands of mystery voters magically mailed in ballots from addresses that don't exist, and thousands of Ballots were postmarked FOR RETURN, before the date those ballots were mailed out. Voters living in vacant lots, casting ballots from more than one state, added to the massive Election fraud. 

      Election Fraud is rampant and of sufficient volume to overturn the legitimate election of numerous government officeholders...  A forensic audit will only confirm what we already have evidence and proof... that the 2020 Elections were rigged by Fraud and should be nullified and rescheduled ASAP... but not later than 90 days from the date Congress or a State Legislature declares the elections were fraudulently conducted.

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