Arizona Forensic Audit Shines A Light On Fraud – Tina Toon – Fake News Ninja

Arizona Republicans passed a measure on Tuesday to strip Democrat Katie Hobbs, the current secretary of state, of her ability to defend election lawsuits, a seemingly partisan retaliation for her sharp criticism of the party's controversial election audit.

The bill, which passed both the state's House and Senate Appropriations committees, puts the attorney general, currently a Republican, in charge of defending all lawsuits through January 2, 2023, which is around the end of Hobbs’ current term.

“The legislature intends that the attorney general make all strategic decisions regarding election litigation and be allowed to intervene on behalf of this state if the attorney general determines, in the attorney general's sole discretion, that the intervention is appropriate,” according to the bill.

The bill also states that the attorney general cannot represent or provide legal advice to the Secretary of State, which is generally the chief elections administrator, or the Department of State on any matters through June 30, 2023. But it allows the secretary to hire one full-time “equivalent position” to serve as legal advisor to represent them, but blocks the secretary from “spending or incurring indebtedness to employ outside or private attorneys to provide representation or services.”

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  • They must have a fucked up system there. It is the Attorney Generals job to defen the state against lawsuits not the SOS.

    • Does SOS mean Secretary of State or ........

    • It is the result of Progressive Socialism metastasizing from California to Southern Arizona.

      I can blame World War ll for bringing Eastern Progressives to the West Coast,

      used in the Pacific war effort, for the exposure and consequent infestation by the war transplants.

      But in the end, we must be resolved to flush the disease,  Socialist Progressivism, out of our body politic,

      where ever it infects.

  • The entire socialist government across the country should be removed from power starting with their president.

    • They should be removed.......PERIOD!!


  • Glad to hear the Republicans in AZ passed measure to strip her of her postion.  She deserved to be demoted at the very least.  I think she knows there was fraud (heck she was probably at the bottom ot it) and that is why she continues to place roadblocks on the audit.  Watch - she will probably put out incorrect information after the audit is completed.  I have already heard people saying they found not fraud.  Yeah right - I really berlive that.

    • I mbelieve it too as much as I believe Xiden is mentally stable!


    • The problem with almost all Republicans is they always act too slowly and they are too timid.  I am glad AZ is taking these steps but what about the rest of the States?  If the Republicans were as aggressive as the democrats we may not be in this mess.  The democrats have declared war on the Republicans and the Republicans seem to want to negotiate.  By the time the Republicans go through the "system" it will be time for the next elections and God help us if the democrats manage to get H.R. 1 through to the presidents desk before Pelosi signs it a.k.a biden.

    • I think that honest GOP restraint is understandable though. Democrat ideologues in office move rapidly and recklessly, because they are RABID.

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