Arizona Forensic Audit Shines A Light On Fraud – Tina Toon – Fake News Ninja

Arizona Republicans passed a measure on Tuesday to strip Democrat Katie Hobbs, the current secretary of state, of her ability to defend election lawsuits, a seemingly partisan retaliation for her sharp criticism of the party's controversial election audit.

The bill, which passed both the state's House and Senate Appropriations committees, puts the attorney general, currently a Republican, in charge of defending all lawsuits through January 2, 2023, which is around the end of Hobbs’ current term.

“The legislature intends that the attorney general make all strategic decisions regarding election litigation and be allowed to intervene on behalf of this state if the attorney general determines, in the attorney general's sole discretion, that the intervention is appropriate,” according to the bill.

The bill also states that the attorney general cannot represent or provide legal advice to the Secretary of State, which is generally the chief elections administrator, or the Department of State on any matters through June 30, 2023. But it allows the secretary to hire one full-time “equivalent position” to serve as legal advisor to represent them, but blocks the secretary from “spending or incurring indebtedness to employ outside or private attorneys to provide representation or services.”

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  • Every American knows that Donald J Trump is the legitimate president of the United States because he won the election. I am glad that the Republican Party is finally coming around to back Trump, the MAGA movement, the US Constitution, and the country no matter what. They finally realize that Trump, the MAGA movement, the US Constitution, and the country are all one and the same. You go against one of the four, you go against all of the four. 

    • I very much agree with you, to the extent that the four descriptions you mention refer to the constructive elements in our Nation.

      We however might face Winston Churchills' prediction of repeating history, for failing to learn from it though.

      The missing element in your listing, is probably what you and many others would prefer to forget.

      The malcontents have always been with us. They sociologically hail back at least to the dissatisfied inhabitants of the Roman Empire.

      Their efforts provoked many to come to this continent when they became aware of it, despite the risks. The malcontents are prone to haste,

      anxious to overcome externally, what they miss facing introspectively. It starts between your ears, and proceeds outwardly. 

      This rashness has currently presented itself in the glandularly expressed politics of Progressive Socialism. It too will pass away.

      But the malcontents will always be with us in some new form. Their presence and haphazard contribution has helped make us who and what we are.

      Their adversity has strengthened us. But we should not ever expect a period of complacent peace and tranquility. Damnit!

      In fact, spinning a short-term illusion of security and relative safety was what the New World Order promoted, and not circumstances, to lull us into ill-pre-paredness and disability. Want an example?

      If a well-regulated militia is Constitutionally expressed as nationally needed, why do not High Schools currently include firearms safety and use into cirriculums?

      Education is claimed to be federally mandated for all children, so why the disconnect about a federal martial mandate? The peaceful Swiss have no qualms in requiring training and service. US teenagers are even educated to operate on our public roads, potentially destructive vehicles to life and limb, but not firearms safety and proficiency.

  • Has anyone noticed how many Republicans are rushing to lock the barn door after the horse has been stolen?



    • Whether the impulse to not address obvious criminality (especially in election fraud) before the inauguration was due to: anti-US ideology, bribery, or extorted performance, it is now seen as safe to do so, and sensed as dangerous not to.

      These kinds of folks are situation ethicists, and should never be entrusted. There are a lot of them in politics. Shame on us.

    • These people worry only about their next election. They are and always will be in 'Campaign Mode'


    • Like the late night flight of a snake oil salesman.


    • I notice, where the hell were they when they could have made a difference?  Where did they get a spine from, if it weren't for President Trump standing tall they would STILL have spegetti for backbones!


  • If I had my way I would strip ALL DEMONCRATS of everything!!!

    • Exactally Janet!


    • Ditto to both of you!


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