Arizona Republicans censure Cindy McCain, GOP governor

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Arizona Republicans voted Saturday to censure Cindy McCain and two prominent GOP officials who have found themselves crosswise with former President Donald Trump.

The censures of Sen. John McCain’s widow, former Sen. Jeff Flake and Gov. Doug Ducey are merely symbolic. But they show the party’s foot soldiers are focused on enforcing loyalty to Trump, even in the wake of an election that saw Arizona inch away from its staunchly Republican roots.

Party activists also reelected controversial Chairwoman Kelli Ward, who has been one of Trump’s most unflinching supporters.

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  • Has everyone forgotten that the federal government has just been overthrown with a fraudulent and unconstitutional election? Nobody wants to face the fact that communists just overthrew the government. Wake up. The federal government is nothing more than a proxy government of China.

    What is Texas going to do about it? Reading between the lines I see “it’s done, move forward.” Texas… all hat and no cattle. Show me I’m wrong.

    The state legislature must pass a resolution stating their belief that the election was fraudulent and unconstitutional. Where Texas goes, other states will follow.

    It is the states that accept the obviously fraudulent and unconstitutional election that have seceded from the Union of constitutional states. They are the rebellion. The states that do not accept the fraudulent and unconstitutional election are the United States, as defined by the Constitution, which is the only definition of the United States.

    Is Texas going to lead the restoration of the United States? Or is Texas just another “all hat and no cattle” bunch of coward blowhards? The election was very obviously fraudulent and unconstitutional. What are you going to do about it? I just changed my voter registration to Libertarian.

  • Constitutional Amendment XXVIII

    In about 1838 Joseph Smith stated that the Constitution would hang by a thread and that the Mormon Church would save it. In the 2020 election there is a serious question whether the Presidential election was done by the USA voters or by a frauded election that could have been financed and produce by foreign powers. If the USA people loss their right to vote and decide our future, our entire Constitution will fail. We will become the slaves of a corrupt government.

    The purpose of this Facebook page is to produce a Constitutional Amendment that will establish a voting procedure and guarantee the voting rights of the American people. Therefore, everyone in the world is invited to have their say and contribute.

    There are 27 Amendments to the American Constitution, this will be the 28th.

    Voter rights and procedure

    Section 1.  Only registered voters may vote. A register voter must prove citizenship in the United State of America, the person must be alive in the local, city, county, state, and USA of an election. Exception: military personal who will be automatically registered at time of service. These registered voter lists must be updated every 30 days. (This should be easy to set up by contact with vital statistics and utility companies, etc...) At election time all who vote must match the voter list and get one vote each.

     Section 2. All election procedures, equipment, software, etc. Must be approved by referendum vote of the registered voters of the local, city, county and state held on July 1 every 2 years.

    Section 3. When 5% of the registered voters request a referendum vote on any government legislation or any part of any legislation it must be brought up on the ballot of the next local, city, county, state, and federal election to which that legislation applies too.

    Section 4. Any violation of this Amendment is punishable by five years in prison or $250,000 fine or both. Any deliberate violation is treason and in this case is punishable by death.

    • war, stop paying taxes, resist

    • And you would believe anything a Mormon said.  Why?  I have never known one to tell the truth (can you say Mitt Romney). 

  • what manner of gabage is this title, does this mean they have spent this much time effectively tampering with the machines, what is alarming is these votes and "ballots" are ours, and even the Doctor in Michigan SOS voter ingerity head said that Biden does not have the votes in the box, and there would be a battle getting into the ballot box. Worse, that nobody mentions, this machine has been detailed out in many media stories, Dominion itself on Youtube saying how there machine can be connected to the internet in three ways (as does their manual), it has a connection for a poll pad, a modum or connection to wifi,  even in small elections to flipping the votes by these machines is years ago proven and it flipped that election; and pleanty of resolved online content these machines do that, BUT, anyone approving the purchace of these machines, chose to break federal law; that the ballots have to be saved for 22 months, so Dominion's system saying they destroy the ballots and its replaced with a vote image, we all know what that means, like it or not, these machines had a real bad reputaion for fraud and detailed account of how they were manipulated in Vensesula to always win for who bought the machine. So, the purchase of this machine the persons also knew it would require violating federal law.

    • Dominion got some nerve. They are dying Sidney Powell now. She'll win that lawsuit hands down. She has evidence against them. 

  • Kudos to AZ Party Chair Kelly Ward. She's been a voice for Trump since day one. Think of "Censure" as impeachment light; non-binding politically, with no path forward to disciplinary sanctions. But yesterday's action served notice that at least some Republicans refuse to accept their state's certification of a fraud-riddled election that should have been called for Trump. Few though they are, it's great to see Republicans fighting back.

  • They should recall her.  In the end McCain proved to be a traitor to the American people - remember he was the one who voted to give us Obama care - is it any suprise that she is?

  • Excellent move. The Republican Party cannot tolerate anything but total loyalty to Trump. As a matter of fact, the entire country should not tolerate anything else, either. 

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