Are We In The Middle of a Propaganda War?

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What is going on in this country right now is a propaganda war. It has been going on for some time but has now escalated to the point that it threatens the stability of the country. This is not mere media bias; what we are seeing is media manipulation of public opinion and events, tied directly to the political objectives of the Democratic Party.

For months, polls showed Joe Biden ahead in the presidential race by double digits. The public was not concerned, we were inscrutably assured, about Biden's rambling, inarticulate and often completely nonsensical statements. The last-minute revelations of his son Hunter Biden's role in potential political corruption was just a "Russian disinformation campaign." The anemic attendance at Biden's (and Kamala Harris') sparse public appearances, we were told, was better proof of their overwhelming voter support than the tens of thousands of people who waited in line to attend President Donald Trump's rallies.

None of this was intended to depress the turnout of Trump voters. It was not pollster miscalculation. It was deliberate and designed to create the impression that Biden's election was a sure thing -- an impression that would become useful later.


The refusal of Fox News to call the states of Florida and Texas for Trump was not an abundance of caution. Why would the network refuse to call Florida with 98% of the votes in but call Arizona with over a million Election Day votes yet to be tallied?

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  • Turn it off!!! It is all propaganda and always has been. I've not watched news in 55 years and I've missed NOTHING!!

  • Yes we are.  Stand fast.  Now we must steel oursleves for a shooting war.  The Democrats FEAR open war as they will lose it all.  Stand fast and let the enemy come to us.

  • yes we are in fact it just began.

  • What it says about the polls setting up the public to believe Biden was far ahead, is what I have thought. if Biden wins, the public accepts it. If Trump wins, that other half of the country will not accept it!

  • No, no propaganda war. Most of media including fox recently are bought by the left Marxists but there is still some honest reporting out there. OANN, Newsmax, and breitbart to name a few. 

  • I saw through main stream socialist media many many years ago.

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    • Look folks.  Fraud is Fraud.  The election was rigged.  It was not a fair fight, not an equal contest at all.  It was fixed. For Biden. 

      He did not even have to campaign. He should right now be hiding in his basement, out of Jail on Bond, awaiting his trial for Treason to commence.  Plus, his participation in this rigged fraudulent attempt to see him as president is also another act of Treason.

      In Fact, if I were the Judge I would not even Bond him out.  He is an obvious flight risk, as is Clinton and the rest of this Democrat Crime Syndicate.  Biden should never be accepted as president.  Those who do accept this individual will make a mockery of the Office.

    • No doubt the election was rigged but Trump has all the evidence to prove it. He said so. So, hang tight! He won't let us down! He never has and he won't start now.

    • Yes ... hang tight ... the fat lady ain't sung yet!

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