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George Orwell wrote his prophetic masterpiece 1984 barely three years after Europe was liberated from the oppressive grip of Nazi socialism.  Victory notwithstanding, Orwell remained preoccupied with the ease and speed with which a nation's freedom could be lost.  Freedom's strength was also liberty's fragility — a free people could choose to relinquish freedom.  This poignant lesson was Orwell's wake-up call that the great draconian nightmare hadn't ended — it was merely postponed.

This existential threat must have terrified Orwell so deeply that he envisioned the resurgence of a tyrannical society a mere 36 years after the blitzkrieg of World War II.  Even with today's 2020 hindsight, one wonders how he could have so accurately predicted the impending demise of civilization.  His only miscalculation was the appointed year.  Nineteen eighty-four came and went without fanfare despite the chilling effects of a "cold war," a term Orwell coined to describe his "peace that is no peace."  His timing may well have proven accurate were it not for one unknown unknown in Orwell's visionary acumen: Ronald Reagan.

Now, 36 years after 1984's forecast, 2020 offers itself as an eerie time portal — a way back to the future of Orwell's prophetic world of freedom lost.

Much like today, Orwell's world of 1984 was divided into three warring superstates: Oceania, which included Great Britain and the Americas; Eurasia, controlled by Russia; and Eastasia, dominated by China.  Oceania, a totalitarian regime founded from an anti-capitalist revolution, was ruled by the Party under Big Brother's leadership and enforced by the Thought Police (Thinkpol), which served as judge and jury for offenses against Party doctrine. Nonconformists were broken until they finally surrendered under their own free will.  As Orwell wrote: "We do not destroy the heretic ... we capture his inner mind, we reshape him."  Today, this psychological oppression and censorship is carried out by "cancel culture" agitators and platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, which suppress all opposing viewpoints — mostly recently a New York Post story on the Bidens.

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    • Paul ... I fully understand your frustrations. That said, we must not destroy ourselves and our ideas by devolving into dictatorship ... we're better than that!

      Here's an email I sent to my community (feel free to copy it):

      So much talk about this side or that in central government    :=((
      The real dichotomy is collectivism (read central authority) vs individualism (read entrepreneurism). The USA's greatest successes are and have been in discovering and implementing new things. Entrepreneurs are the doers ... central government must serve them ... the fight, our fight should be to hold government to that role.
      By way of example, centralized health care (so-called) is manifested by the unholy monopolistic alliance of chemical (pharma) medicine and government (FDA, etc.). Our Silicon Valley team of engineers has an entirely different view of medicine (instrumentation of our neural system). We'll be ready 1st quarter of '21. Private system health care beyond national boundaries ... entrepreneurism/capitalism at its finest!
      Ronald Reagan made rugged individualism OK again and Donald Trump is cut from that same stone.
      Questions? Our email is
    • Thanks! I'm only advocating for drastic measure until Trump drains the swamp and the deep state. Once we are left with real American patriots only, we can go back to normal. 

  • I believe we are in the last days of the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation.  Good is now bad and bad good, right is now wrong and wrong right, truth is now derided and lies promoted as truth, all things that are foretold as part of the "last days of the age" before the Rapture of the Church and the rise of the anti-christ.  Non believers will ridicule me but that is to be expected and accepted but I stand by what the Holy Bible says.

    • Amen brother! As believers we must also have faith that Divine Good will ultimately prevail over Evil, and that our final and eternal happiness and freedom is not of this world. But we also have to stand firmly on the side of that good until then.

    • Rickmik, yes indeed.  my faith tells me we win.  I have read the entire Bible, front to back, a couple of times and believe every word, including that God wins.  When God wins His people, including you and me, win.

  • Yep, but I once read somewhere that George Orwell would not have been surprised by the technology of 2020 that he so prophetically foresaw. But he would have been horrified at how willingly the people of the western world have voluntarily submitted to it. Pray, Vote, and get active in local, state and national politics, in that order, or our constitutional republic may be lost to future generations as Ronald Reagan so wisely observed.

    • Rickmik, I agree that Orwell should be horrified that people would submit to it but he probably wouldn't be because he saw the German people submit to the Nazis.

  • "WE'RE" already there.............. Just ask facebook, twitter, google, Saul Alinski,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, barry soreto,,,,,,,,,,,,,(AKA) obummer.. 

    • Not quite, as this website would not be permitted in Orwell's Big Brother state, and both of us would already be in a re-education camp.

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