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George Orwell wrote his prophetic masterpiece 1984 barely three years after Europe was liberated from the oppressive grip of Nazi socialism.  Victory notwithstanding, Orwell remained preoccupied with the ease and speed with which a nation's freedom could be lost.  Freedom's strength was also liberty's fragility — a free people could choose to relinquish freedom.  This poignant lesson was Orwell's wake-up call that the great draconian nightmare hadn't ended — it was merely postponed.

This existential threat must have terrified Orwell so deeply that he envisioned the resurgence of a tyrannical society a mere 36 years after the blitzkrieg of World War II.  Even with today's 2020 hindsight, one wonders how he could have so accurately predicted the impending demise of civilization.  His only miscalculation was the appointed year.  Nineteen eighty-four came and went without fanfare despite the chilling effects of a "cold war," a term Orwell coined to describe his "peace that is no peace."  His timing may well have proven accurate were it not for one unknown unknown in Orwell's visionary acumen: Ronald Reagan.

Now, 36 years after 1984's forecast, 2020 offers itself as an eerie time portal — a way back to the future of Orwell's prophetic world of freedom lost.

Much like today, Orwell's world of 1984 was divided into three warring superstates: Oceania, which included Great Britain and the Americas; Eurasia, controlled by Russia; and Eastasia, dominated by China.  Oceania, a totalitarian regime founded from an anti-capitalist revolution, was ruled by the Party under Big Brother's leadership and enforced by the Thought Police (Thinkpol), which served as judge and jury for offenses against Party doctrine. Nonconformists were broken until they finally surrendered under their own free will.  As Orwell wrote: "We do not destroy the heretic ... we capture his inner mind, we reshape him."  Today, this psychological oppression and censorship is carried out by "cancel culture" agitators and platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, which suppress all opposing viewpoints — mostly recently a New York Post story on the Bidens.

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  • Big Brother is here... he controls the major media outlets including broadcast and entertainment media.   It is time to review the licensing of such media to ensure that they are using the public airways and their access to the public in a fair and balanced manner... those who do not provide such coverage need to have their licenses removed and their networks placed under new ownership... to those who will provide fair and balanced news reports and social content.

    • You are right, Ronald. The federal government under Trump needs to take control of the media and needs to ensure that the truth is reported. Otherwise the media continue to spread lies with impunity that incite insurrection and sedition. 

    • The Government doesn't need to CONTROL content... they need to regulate its fairness and balance to ensure that the system is not overt propaganda or being used to incite riot, insurrection, or sedition.  Opposing political views on policy and social justice need to remain the product of a free press and media... as long as they don't cross over into insurrection, incitement to violence,  overt propaganda for any particular cause, or sedition.

    • Oh ok. Sorry I misunderstood. I didn't realize you were still cool with MSM spreading lies in their content since you don't think the government needs to control content. Thanks for clarifying!

    • None of us are "cool" with, or in any way condoning the lies, falsehoods and half truths of the mainstream media. We are only grateful that we live in a free, constitutional republic where they don't put you in jail for acting or talking like a complete idiot, and the government doesn't force you to read or listen to them. Government has no business controlling our press, speech, religion, or many of the other things that they "regulate" these days, and it is sentiments such as yours that lend support to an even bigger and more powerful authoritarian government. If you like a government that controls what the press or "we the people" have to say, then there are plenty of places on the planet that you may find more accommodating in his regard.

    • I am not cool with lying media... it is not an either-or situation.  We must insist on fair and balanced reporting and social engagement by the Media... however, on policy issues we need to permit opposing ideas... fair and balance preclude overt propaganda (lies or excessive bias) should not be permitted.  Sedition, incitement to riot, espionage in the name of journalism would no longer be allowed.  We need to apply the 1st Amendment freedom of the press with common sense... we don't permit speech that incites violence, endangers the public's safety, or supports sedition or treason.

  • Every media that procreates hate speech, supports anarchy, violence, destruction and lies, should have their FCC license revoked permanently with no recourse. They are creating and supporting revolution and tyranny.

    • Agreed, we must come down hard on those elements in the MSM who promote violence and hate... They forfeit their protection under the 1st Amendment by using violence, intimidation, and sedition as their voice.

    • And who do you think is going to decide what constitutes "hate speech"? The FCC is already an unconstitutional restriction on free speech, and you want to give them more power to decide who may speak in our high tech public square, and what and how they may speak? Sorry, but have been in many countries where that is the norm and do not wish ours to become one of them.

    • Jea, the leftists have defined hate speech as anything patriotic or Christian.  Leftists promoting sedition, TREASON, and violence is perfetly acceptable but speaking the Word of God or the words of our founding fathers is "outside acceptable norms".  They seek the satanic New World Order in which they think they will rule but most of them, like under any other despot, will be tortured and killed when those of us who follow Jesus Christ have been eradicated.

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