Are the Democrats waking the sleeping giant?


hey, politicians: you just awoke a sleeping giant: we the people! -  American Pride Eagle | Meme GeneratorDemocrats and monopartiers think they’ve won today but they may have sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind, by waking the sleeping giant.

There are a few points I find myself making in my responses to emails from worried and unhappy people. There’s a common thread I’m seeing in my own writing, so I thought I’d see if I could pull it all together in this post.

Here’s a preliminary but important point: Don’t give in to depression and despair. Both of those are emotions that encourage passivity.

No matter what is coming down the pike, we are effective only if we’re energized. In that regard, I have to give the leftists credit for keeping anger as their battery power for four endless years.

We constitutional patriots are going to do it differently: We’re going to combine anger at a fraudulent election process with optimism and patriotism. That mixture of righteousness and the happy warrior spirit is the source of true power. It will keep us going whether our fight ends with Trump’s second inauguration or whether we keep the American flame burning until Trump’s second election or the election of any one of a number of extraordinary conservative young people coming up in America today.

And now for my sleeping giant point: A lot of people despair that not enough Americans, including disappointed Trump voters, will act going forward. Instead, they will become the numbed vassals of the tech tyrants and our new Chinese overlords.

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  • they don't care, they know they won't face any punishment.  We have 2 choices, both criminal and evil (democrat or republican)!!!!!

  • We the people want more tax cuts, not higher expenses. 

  • It is interesting that the "happy warrior" appellation is a "Progressive" label of the 80-year-old past.  "Happy" has no resemblance to the happiness of the Real World.  No.  It has reference to hyper-partisan cheerleading of cynical Communist enthusiasts of the past that have nothing whatsoever to do with what most Christians would call happiness:  living a life pleasing to God!  God is and always must be the author of any plan anyone on the Right might consider!  Republicans cannot take God lightly.  Obedience is the key to success in battling and defeating the seething mass of corrupt Washington maggots that have accumulated during the Obama Administration and before.  President Trump has learned this!!  If the "sleeping giant" will come awake, it will be by God's hand, not by that of clever men.  Let's get on our knees now!

  • They're as of now put on notice. We ain't gonna take it. And BTW, just try unarming the people of the USA. It won't go well.

  • You bet your bippies and I am READY!!! LOCK & LOAD!!!

    • Why do you think they are continuously going after our guns? Look what has happened with France Italy Great Britain? You have men in cotton towel hats and dresses cutting off heads in the name of their religious sect. The citizens of those countries have to rely on their government to protect them and they are failing.

  • I do think People are awake! I was just watching the VIEW; and I cannot believe the things they are spewing on there! Joy Behive was dispictable! Disgusting how they 

    are allowed to talk about the President on TV~ MAKE SURE U see what she was saying! Never ever would they talk about Obama like they talk about Trump! This show

    should be taken off the air!...You better start watching the other side what they are saying, cas that is a big  clue what is coming !


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