On Wednesday, December 1, Jim Banks informed the public that “Republicans, at the direction of Leader McCarthy, are conducting our own investigation.” He doesn’t want to tip his hand.

“I can’t go into many of the specifics of what we’ve done or what we are doing,” the Indiana lawmaker explained. “But I will tell you that we will be releasing our findings publicly in the future.”

When the kangaroo insurrection court was being assembled, the “resolution to create the select committee allowed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to ‘recommend’ five members to sit on the committee but allowed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the final say on the picks.”

Republicans including Banks and Jim Jordan of Ohio were instantly blocked for being too conservative. Pelosi was expecting RINOs like Mitt Romney or Liz Cheney and didn’t get them. As reported by Washington Examiner, “Pelosi, in a never-before-seen move, blocked Banks (who was set to be ranking member) and Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio from sitting on the committee. That prompted McCarthy to pull his other three appointments in protest unless all five were seated.”

Pelosi went ahead and appointed some pet RINOs. “The two Republicans who do sit on the committee, Vice Chairwoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, were appointed by Pelosi rather than McCarthy.” Furious with the move, McCarthy vowed a GOP investigation of their own.

“Why was the Capitol so ill-prepared for that day when they knew on Dec. 14 they had a problem? And what have we done to make sure that never happens again?”

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