• steele is just another meeley mouthed liberal puke who has sold his soul to satan!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, just another meeley mouthed liberal puke among many..  The number seems to be growing daily!!

  • You just figured that out? They have been planning this since Oboma stoled the office the first time. He stripped our military of conservative thinkers and now Biden is  decimating the rank & file. They want world order and free thinkers are not included. 

    • Close and while Obama was a milestone, they have been planning this since before Clinton was elected.  Bush the father said so publicily.

  • Do Fascists murder women in their business offices?

    Yes, yes they do Joe.

  • Joe Scarborough is a dick.

  • Well here it is they are banking on us whining complaining a few of us standing up and yelling at the top of our voices. Then go home and the end. Not Happening This Time Honey! .I'm willing to wait till 11-4, in the mean time we better get our Ducks in a row.  Let's vote for every republican on the ballot! 

    • Most of the gop are really devildemocommiecrats with an R behind their name but not on our side!!!!!  The gop establishment holds all but about a dozen seats in both houses of congress combined!!!!!  mccarthy, mcconnell, and their lemmings sold their souls to satan to get wealth and power in this life!!!!!  They are part of the new world order global dictatorship cabal and hate and fear President Trump and We the People!!!!!!!!!!!


    • The New World Order would like us believe that America has two political parties. IT DOES NOT! The democrats scream their radical communist oriented crap across ALL media outlets. The republicans then do their best to make us believe that they represent the opposite viewpoint. THEY DO NOT! On every key issue that requires a few republicans to break ranks, the necessary RINOs magically appear.

      As George Carlin said, “The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice, YOU DON”T.”

      If Americans want their country back, the ones responsible for stealing it will have to be ELIMINATED.

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