• Even with the covid, Trump would have won if there hadn't been any cheating/fraud.  

    If the cheating/fraud isn't fixed it is doubtful that any non-democrat will win federal office, let alone the presidency.

  • They stole it ,but they got away with it. What are are new TYRANTS scared of. We already know/knew it anyway! It was MORE than IN OUR FACES!!!!

  • There is already overwhelming evidence that the election was rigged and nothing is being done about it. What makes anyone think that they deep state - government agencies, prosecutors, lawyers, courts, etc. - will actually do anything even when we get additional evidence?

    • Agree!

  • They do not want their cheating exposed

  • When will we know results?

  • If nothing wrong was done should be no worries. If Fraud was committed it needs to be prosecuted quickly and no quarter given.

  • I hope everything comes out

  • If they didn't have anything to hide, they wouldn't be against the audit. Only guilty hide things🤔

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