AOC Melts Down After Getting Caught Lying



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  • All the liars that I know are demorats.


  • She’s part of a lie machine. Just think of her bff’s Omar, tlaib, pelosi, Schumer. The list is quite endless actually. But spanking? No. That one needs a blanket party. 

    • I remember the blanket party from Navy boot camp. And it seems to do some good to a trouble maker liar.

  • AOC lies like all demonrats do. No wonder they hate Trump so much. He is the exact opposite. He only tells the truth and keeps his promises.

    • And the Dems are going to do everythink they can to keep that lying commie and the rest of the squad in office to do satans bidding, they have to go.

  • No one is telling lies about AOC.  She is the one who does nothing but lie.  If she was my child - as old as she is - I would take her over my knee and spank her and then tell her to go to her room until she can learn to tell the truth.  She is one truly disgusting person. 

    • The old fashion way, the wood shed.

  • In the dictionary the definition of "LIAR" should have a picture of that bucktooth retard AOC. A typical America hating, Constitution hating, God hating scum of the earth leftist liberal commie democrat. no decent person would ever be a democrat!

  • This from the poster child of liars. She is like a silver spoon pampered brat who shouts any thing as long it will give her what she wants. She needs a spanking and a very long time out.

  • #AlexandriaOcasioSmollet times a THOUSAND, We The People won't suffer LIARS, PERIOD!

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