• I sure hope AOC is taxed above the maximum! Could we please see her tax returns?

  • Kris Kristofferson once wrote about "Same old wine in a brand new bottle." Born the First of the War Babies, Today's Climate Changes, Race Problems, Taxes and all remind me of the Ten Years After song of 1971, "I'd love to change the World." Especially the line, "Tax the Rich to feed the Poor, until there are no Rich no more." Google it and give it a listen. Nothing is ever really new, except back then the politicians, media and universities scientists all claimed that the "New Ice Age" was beginning, and they too had all the evidence! In 1957 we actually had the Hong Kong Flu Pandemic which killed hundreds of thousands of Americans unassisted by the complications of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. This was followed by the Asian Flu of 68. Then there was the Swine Flu Fiasco under the Ford Administration, that never occurred but the mandatory first wave of "Vaccines" killed a percentage of those receiving while others had the "Sheething surrounding their Nerves" eaten away, causing their bodies to "Short Circuit" and die painful deaths! The Government ceased the last two thirds of the mandatory vaccines. We also had the wonderful effects of Agent Orange yet to come into fruition. To us it was just "Greasy Rain." The list could continue, but why? Life is just Life. We all go through it. The only sure fire, guaranteed way to get anyone off of their "Pity Pot" is to kick their butt off, tell them to "Get Over It!", and " Earn a Life of Their Own!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • She could have housed & fed some of the homeless in her district with those millions instead. Typical dem, talk about being the party that cares while you ignore & destroy your constituents & country. 

  • AOC should be in jail, she is despicable as well as most of the demoncrats

    • You are so right.

  • CEO of Reuters is also on the BOD of Pfizer making billions of $ off of the Demonrat Government and our tax dollars of course they would side with the commie 💩 heads.

    • Bezos, of Amazon, disgusts me. He actually gave Van Jones, the admitted communist, 100 million dollars to use as he sees fit, no strings attached. 

      The more apparent it appears of late that these multi wealthy individuals belong to a psuedo royalty network where only their ilk are invited. They make themselves out as being considerate of the working peon yet they only donate to advance their standing in their network, usually as an offset of their own tax bill.

    • Pretty sure there were strings, rich people never give anything without getting something in return.

  • Where would a bartender get that kind of money for investments?  She certainly hasn't been living in her office to save the rent money!!  Time to take a closer look at her finances! 

    • If her name was Trump you can bet that is exactly what they would be doing, check her income tax returns.

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