• Janet, As a citizen of the once great state of NY, I often wonder the same. Unfortunately so many other ass hats governing this state and affecting our country are from districts I cannot vote in. Not that our votes even count anyway, but like yourself I can only pray that she and her ilk will be silenced.

  • TALK is mighty CHEAP today... it is everywhere and going nowhere.   All of this information is old news and goes nowhere to restore liberty... It incites anger and rage, and if not properly directed it is subject to become out of control (acted out in violence) and the Marxists and Progressives both want that to happen...  They would love to declare Martial Law.

    We are going nowhere placating each other with the rhetoric of the obvious... what everyone knows is useless if not acted upon EFFECTIVELY... We need well-funded and organized protests, to get the several states involved in anti-commandeering, nullification, and an Article 5 Convention.  Use the first two to slow down and reverse the worst of the current legislative, judicial, and regulatory damage... Use the Article 5 Convention to reclaim Constitutional Government...  draft and ratify a Term Limit and RECALL Amendment: one term of 6 yrs, with 1/3rd standing for election and appointment every 2 years, include the recall every CURRENT sitting member of the government (elected and appointed, include judges) subject to new elections... Hit the RESET BUTTON  on government and Lock AMERICA Down, until the RESET happens.

    China and the Progressives are not messing around... war with China is a very real possibility and a total economic and cultural collapse in America is not impossible. We need action, not more donations to ineffective organizations or to fund weekend rallies. Donations that fund the same organizations and methods of operation, over and over, without developing effective results are insane. America's Billionaires had better pony-up or there will be no America, and their assets will become the public property of Communists.

    There is no more time... frankly, America, it is past time to shit or get off the pot!

    • Thank-you Col. Nelson. Well said. 

  • Almost all of Bidens administration are Communist, to the core! They try to pass it off as Socialism and try to make everybody believe it is paradise on earth. There is only one word for Socialism, Fascism, Marxism, and Totalitarianism and that word is Communism plain and simple! They learned this very well from their leader, Obama! I’m 74 and when I was a kid growing up in the 50’s and 60’s if anyone thought about becoming a Communist, and in some cases even mentioned the word, the FBI knocked on their door. I think they had the right to shoot them in Texas. “We the People” have allowed these types of idiots to rip our country to pieces, bit by bit, and they continue to do it over and over while “we” allow it to happen. “We” allowed one “Witch” to take prayer out of our schools, “we” allowed “Political Correctness” to teach us how and what to say. Talk about racism; the biggest racists I have come to know are White and Black Democrats causing turmoil throughout the land pitting Black against White time and time again. “We” allow Blacks to continue to milk the system and remove a word from our dictionary and allow them to remove American History from our walls and parks. “We” allow Blacks to burn and loot, all without punishment!! “We” have allowed Blacks the right to have Black History taught in public schools. I remember learning about “Black History” in History class when I was 13, where were they? I didn’t like the concept then and to this day I hate what happened to Blacks, I also hate what “we” did to the Indians and what Adolph Hitler did to the Jews. But that was then! Why should I pay restitution to anyone that I have not wronged! If anyone should pay restitution to the Black communities it should be their Black brothers who sold them into slavery. “We” allow illegal immigrants to burn and fly our Flag it upside down and “we” give them our hard-earned money as a gift after breaking the law coming here until they can provide for themselves. “We” don’t like the truth but it’s there looking us in the face and yet nothing changes. It doesn’t change because “we” won’t let it. Hate destroys the heart and the heart of many are so darkened they have no idea of it because their hate has become a traditional and long-lasting habit of hate!! “We” just sit back and allow, allow, and allow!! “We’re” allowing ourselves to become Communist’s and most don’t even realize it. Go figure!!

  • This is totally stupid.  We can not and will not support the world.  When in the hell do we help others and let our people suffer.  This women, along with the rest of the squad, needs to be removed from congress.  She is more un-american than American.  Instead of building a wall along the southern border maybe we should build a border around all the blue states.  We need to hold out for 18 months and19 days.  Then the Republican will have a chance to screw it up even more.  We need to elect good and honest people, if that is still possible, to do our bidding.  

  • hey aoc how about showing able bodied people on how to fill out a job application

  • She was another Soros hire. VOTER FRAUD

  • This broad is so out of touch with reality. How could even demoncrats from NY vote for her?

    • Perhaps AOC was the test to work the kinks out of voting machine manipulation. 

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