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Shut Down DC is one of several violent Antifa groups combining forces to target patriots attending a pro-Trump rally to be held in Washington, D.C. on December 12, 2020. Using the hashtag #DefendDC, militant groups are doxxing specific staff members of hotels who dare to host Trump supporters, and plan to confront patriots exercising their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble.

The Antifa groups are using the website to organize their comrades. Some of the Antifa groups listed are: Black Lives Matter DC, All Out DC, Autonomous Liberation Collective NYC, Baltimore Liberation Front, DC Youth Liberation, Front Fairfax Smash The Fash, Frederick Socialists, Generation Ratify, Liberty Union Party of Vermont, Maryland Youth Liberation Front, One People’s Project, ShutDownDC, RichmondStrike, Showing Up For Racial Justice DC, United Against Racism and Fascism-NYC, Wake Up 301.

In an email forwarded to supporters on Friday afternoon, Shut Down DC provides a list of hotels, including staff names and phone numbers. “We are working with a range of local allies to fight back against the MAGA crowd’s visit next weekend,” Shut Down DC boasts in their email.

The violent group seeks to intimidate hotels by demanding that they “commit to preventing the spread of violence and disease” by “denouncing the white supremacist groups the Proud Boys and Patriot Front”, forcing guests to wear masks and requiring that “guests from high risk areas provide negative COVID-19 testing verification upon check in and placing them on isolated floors of the hotel.”

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  • The ENEMY WITHIN will be showing up every where us AMERICANS show to PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE. They will be thetre TO INTIMIDATE US AND SILENCE US !...........We are at war and our Presidency was STOLEN.

    Pay no attention to the lying swamp of Orwellian Goebbelist FREAKS. WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENNED!

  • it's time for Trump to get a helicopter with a net and take Antifa, Black lives Matter to a land where it's hard for them to survive and see if they like it or not.

    • just take them to the Gulf of Mexico, hang fresh cut meat around their necks and drop them a couple of miles off shore.  Let the sharks get the bad taste out of their mouths later!!!!!

    • You mean American Isis.


    • That's right.

    • Now you're talking.   Bag 'em don't bother tagging them.   Pick 'em up and drop 'em at GITMO.

  • Bear spray, wasp & hornet spray anything but do not go unarmed.

    • Blow guns to hit the hooded "ENEMY IN UNIFORM". Geneva Convention says it's a go!!!


  • Probably all video game indoctrinated soldiers called to duty from the basements.

  • Where's the national guard or are we alone on this one. Seems as if the government is standing down and not protecting it's citizens. If not, we'll take care of business.

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