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  • antifa and blm are PAID DOMESTIC TERRORIST-!!! funded by many anti-American groups

  • ANTIFA and BLM have the support of this administration and George Soros sponsored DA’S so they get away with murder! When will we say enough???

  • Now had the "Offender" been one of the J6, he would still be awaiting his "Right to A Fair and Speedy Trial by His Peers."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Yes, we still have the worlds most corrupt organization that the Mafia is jealous of since they are a legal Mafia also known as the FBI. It should be FBC-Federal Bureau of Corruption. Every member should be shot just for being a part of this inept, corrupt, and clearly Political wing of the democrat party. This is the new gustopo of the Fascist commnist Democrat party. Save America, Kill a Democrat.

  • We still have the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude Martha.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • How come he wasn't murdered like Ms.Babbitt ?

  • The FBI agents must be in fear of being fired if they don,t comply with orders from the corrupt leadship . If that wasn,t the case their would be "sick outs" on the part of the honest agents when asked to act like SS THUGS . 

  • Does anyone still believe the FBI cares about law and order?

    • Sadly Martha, we do not have an FBI anymore.

  • Just think the FBI think parents defending their children from what schools are teaching their children are more dangerous than a member of Antifa attacking with an axe. I wonder if I shoot him with my 357 will I be charge for defending my life and family 

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