California teacher with Antifa flag on classroom wall to be fired by school  district | Daily Mail Online

Ahead of Wednesday night's Natomas Unified School District board meeting, a press conference was held by community activists defending an Inderkum High School government teacher who was unknowingly filmed making controversial comments.

In a video posted last month by Project Veritas, a conservative group known for using undercover methods to reveal supposed liberal bias, Gabriel Gipe would be heard speaking about turning his class into "revolutionaries."

Ahead of the school board meeting, lawyers, educators, activists and former students stood in Midtown Sacramento Wednesday afternoon to defend the teacher. The main point was to address the district's actions in placing the teacher on leave and his potential termination. Gabriel Gibe was not in attendance at the press conference.

"Reflecting back in my time at Inderkum, I can count on one hand the amount of teachers that I felt represented or enthusiastically accepted by, and Gipe is at the top of that list," Rhianna Usoh, a former student of Gipe, said. "The entire situation is ridiculous."

Following the posting of the video, many angry parents voiced to the school board that Gipe was “pushing his leftist agenda onto students.” 

At the time, the school district said in a statement that they were investigating the teacher and had placed Gipe on administrative paid leave with a recommendation to fire him. Their statement also said that "Mr. Gipe was actively teaching pro-communism ideology in a US Government class. Students interviewed shared how uncomfortable they felt in his class based on his teachings."

The district told ABC10 Gipe is still on administrative paid leave and did not confirm whether or not they would move forward with firing him. They did say, however, upon drafting of charges, Gipe would be placed on unpaid status pending a hearing.

Read the full statement from the Natomas Unified School District below:

We are aware that there was a press conference regarding Mr. Gipe this afternoon. There are a few things that we would like to clarify that were wildly misrepresented at that press conference today. Before we address that, we want to share that in the next few days, Mr. Gipe will receive nearly 400 pages of disciplinary charges and evidence/exhibits that will demonstrate an overwhelming pattern of unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. Nothing prevents Mr. Gipe from sharing all of those nearly 400 pages with the public. Natomas Unified wishes it could share the evidence it has. However, we are in the middle of due process.

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  • Put him on trial for Treason then take a long ,hard look at the school that employed him . 


  • Repeat! The only solution! Join the School Boards through Campaigns for Election to the Seats! Nobody wants the job anyway! Attend "All the School Board Meetings", as Parents who's Children are effected from the expenditures of " Your Tax Dollars! " 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • How did this teacher manage to remain so openly anti-American and keep his job as long as he has?   The Administration needs to be disciplined for not acting until VERITAS and parents intervened.  In all probability, he would still be there spewing his communist venom with impunity. 

    There has to be more done to ensure this behavior is not tolerated in our Public Schools...  Simply, firing Gip will not correct the ENVIRONMENT that permitted this gross abuse of academic license.

  • Vermin, simply VERMIN!!!

  • The proper questions to ask are, "Why are you not running for a Sear on the School Board?" They make the decisions on what books are used in the Classrooms and the Criteria for Hiring of Teachers! "Why are you not attending each and every School Board Meeting to assure the Proper Care and Quality of your Children's Education?" Children learn all of "Life's Lessons" from their Parents. Didn't yours believe you important enough to devote their time and effort to your Education?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • WHY are American Public Schools NOT vetting their teachers for extremism? HOW are they getting away with forcing their Commie Agendas upon OUR children? Shut these government-run schools DOWN! Remove your kids and your school tax money, and make these teachers unnecessary, as they truly ARE..  #EMPTYTHECLASSROOMS

  • The current percentage of training of High School Graduates to go forward in life and earn a "Living" and a way of Life with Practical Physical Skills is now "Zero." No Basics in wood, metal, mechanics, or other physical tades. They graduate with the hopes and dreams of mastering the phrase, "Would you like fries with your order?" We have allowed the army of Unionized Progressive Socialist Educators backed by the same titled MEDIA/Politicians to defeat the purpose of American Education.

  • BYE BYE!

  • Who ever hired him should be fired also. How many of these creeps are in our schools.  Parents please talk to your kids and grill them on what each teacher is teaching them and spread the info all over the school. No wonder CHINA and several other countries are ahead of America on education. Ours can hardly read and definately writing has been long  gone.

  • Parents entrust the care and education if their children to their Community Education Systems. It is the Parents Duty to Oversee All Aspects of their Children's Care and Education, and Never rely on Blind Trust, anymore than Voting for a Candidate and believing your Jib is Done! It is Your Community and Children's Future you're assuring.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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