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  • Treason, they should all be in jail

  • It's been tried!


  • These anti American people need to be expelled from the US or educated in what it means to be a real American. In America we have no use for commies or unpatriotic imbeciles. 

  • You all need to fact check that 2 african women started the BLM, they came here to cause problems when they weren't given a free ride. They found out you have to be smart and work to be successful in America. So, the 2 lazy pigs figured they would let the drunks, ddruggies and GI Joe wannabes support them by starting up the marxist organization in part financed by george soros. They only need to keep stirring the pot while the money flows in. America, what a country!

  • study what the fascists did to take over in germany in 1932 for this is what antifa is doing

  • she's a sex worker ? who would be that desperate

  • She needs a bullet 

  • So ARREST her sorry butt for sedition and TREASON, WHat the hell???

  • Our country is already gone to far left, if we're allowing this tyranny to continue. 

  • Cut the head off the snake and the rest will die!!

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