• Antifa is going to be the next Arm force of America.

  • This post looks fake. I see no visual context - sort of like someone created them and put them all

    on one page. How do I know these posters actually exist?


  • Same as they did on January 6th.

  • This time we can kill the onea in uniform!  You know., the ones covered in black,any umbrela holders,back pack Head shots only! Use your ammo wisely and find a comfortable spot to snipe from.  See them coming up your street,START DROPPING THEM. It's okay,we're at war on OUR SOIL!!!

  • It is time for a boot on the throat of antifa

    • Those troops aren't there because Trump ain't going no where!!!!!

      Black ISIS was causing problems in N.Y. Sunday  nght. Couple of other places to.

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