• Big deal, they didn't accept the results in 2016 either yet here we are...

    • This isn't 2016. Insurrection, violence, arson, and murder are now part of the Left's plan to fundamentally transform America. The insurrectionist and insurgency are no longer satisfied with peaceful abdication, they have taken to the streets and are demanding it. Today, they are burning down those cities that refuse to join them.

  • Clear enough... where is the FBI when insurrection and sedition are openly incited and preached as the foundation for an anti-government movement.  It is one thing to preach such garbage and quite another to organize and prepare for open violence and rebellion.  Words put into action constitute unlawful conduct when those words include inciting to riot, or other forms of unlawful conduct.

  • Time to make these scum make their final araingments 

  • Let's make bloody sure they do NOT win, with, or without the election - - -President Trump and the DOJ have already started cleaning up the hornets, let's finish by "burning their nests" (anything, or any one that funds them)!

    • I am with you


    • PS-Chances are the President and the DOJ already have their eyes on "nests". they're just smart enough not to brag about it, publicly.

  • Obama and his administration should have been in jail a long time ago.

  • These poor deluded "useful idiots" have way too much spare time on their hands. The important question is, where are they getting their money? Hopefully, Barr and his DOJ are hot on the trail to expose the  scurrilous puppetmasters who are funding this insanity from the shadows.

  • NOW can we start the PURGE!?

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