• The DC Police Chief reports to the Mayor ... it is Mayor Bowser who is issuing orders for the DC Police to disrupt and deny the MAGA Stop the Steal Rally access t o DC.  What is surprising is that the President is permitting such crap instead of heading it off.  DC is a federal entity and ultimately the President can suspend the Mayor and City Council under an emergency declaration and Martial Law.  Mr. President, are you being informed of such movements and preparations by DC Officials and Mayor Bowser's potential use of the DC National Guard against the MAGA Stop the Steal Rally?  If not why not?

    Why hasn't the President issued a warning to the DC administration... not to become actively engaged in denying access to the WH and Capitol facilities by the MAGA 'Stop the Steal Rally'... Has the President prepared an EO to declare Martial Law in DC and a contingency plan to round up Key agents of the insurrection in the DC government (Bowser Administration)?  Why not? Let the EO for Martial Law leak out, and maybe it will be unnecessary to arrest and detain the DC administration .... mayor, city council, chief of police, and others.  Otherwise we hope you have ordered the DC National Guard Federalized and under your direct command... don't allow the Mayor to mobilize them for her purposes. 

    • I am beginning to think Trump has given up in reality but talking tough for image.  He should have stepped up long ago to stop the steal but still hasn't really done anything about it!!!!!

    • My guess is (beyond the jaded use of tragedy for purpose) that Trump keeping an eye on the high road hinders his ability to spot the low lifes.

      But by all means he should just step on them (and her).

    • Michael, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!

  • hitler would bus supporters to the nuremburg rallies

    • Hitler would make them carry the bus if it broke down. LOL

  • I'm being told on Twitter that this happened months ago and that this is not current. What's the truth?

  • You mean this isn't the D.C. National Guard called out? LOL

  • You knew those who JUST STOLE OUR COUNTRY FROM US were'nt going to let us assmble peacsfully. Once you let the Communists STEAL a national election,FREEDOM DIES!........HISTORY SAYS!!!


  • Yet these cops are not defending Josh Hawley and his family!  Obviously DC police is not of the USA...  We should have our own "defund the police" message

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