• I do hope the Trump Marchers will walk softly but carry a big stick and do not walk alone, stay in groups, please.  BE SAFE!!!!!.  

  • President Trump should call for Marshal Law and call the Federal troops stealing a presidential election in this country must never happen.

    • Lorenzo, Deputy law too?

      I always favoured Festus myself.

      Chester, Festus, and Mullie were all greats.

      Matt Dillon was a lucky Federal Marshal to have them.

      But to my knowledge, Marshal Dillon never imposed Martial law.

    • Michael, it is clear you don't understand martial law.  Matt Dillon is a fictional lawman, not the same as a national president!!!!!!  I hope you were being facetious (kidding or sarcasm)

    • It's a Coup.How can he?


  • Mayor Bow-wowser would like nothing better then a riot 

    • They'll let them run amuck and arrest us for defending ourselves. We've been overthrown from within.I knew it at Bengahzi.


    • Yes, they will, part of the marxist state being built!!!!!

  • The police are a big part of the problem. They are power hungry tyrants taking orders from other tyrants. None of them are to be trusted. They routinely overstep their legal authority, and violate the Constitutional Rights of the people.They will arrest you for defending yourself from violent attacks by the good for nothing subhuman black lives don't mater animals and the equally worthless Antifa punk ass cowards. These scumbag cops need to be put in their place. 

    • That's what happens when a country gets overhrown.


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