And then resort to theft and vandalism

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    • Agree, these scum are poking a sleeping bear and when the bear finally wakes up, it won't be pretty...

    • That sleeping bear had better wake up now... as it is being eaten alive.  We must all write the President to encourage him to declare Martial Law ... as the civil authorities are not enforcing the law equitably... instead they are focusing on handcuffing the right while handing the left a Molotov Cocktail to heat up the political transformation in America.

    • Agree, Martial Law Is the only option.  The only other option is to take the fight to them ourselves and that could be counter productive..  I'm afraid that if Martial Law is NOT declared, the other option will prevail regardless of the concequences...

    • Why would standing up for ourselves and the CONSTITUTION be counterproductive?


    • The left has demonstrated it has no problem arresting individuals for doing nothing more than protecting their property and defending their lives... it matters not to them that they don't have a viable case... bankrupting the average citizen as they defend their right in court is sufficient to stop most citizens from taking such actions and they know it.

      Try organizing a counter-revolution with a private militia and end up like the private militia leaders in Michigan right after the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah federal building... all bankrupt and in jail.

    • Stop and think about it everybody. Trump is NOT AT FAULT here. Unless you consider him as president to be a FAULT.

      Apparently, some of you do.

      This Martial Law crap means relying on the Military to enforce peacefull behavior on those who don't give a sh-t about it, while punishing the very people who do and ARE ACTING RESONSIBLY.  Enact Martial Law on the Criminals, not the innocent.  Put BLM, Antifa, and the entire corrupt Democrat Gangster Party under Martial Law.  Be selective about it.

      President Trump has withstood more corrupt lawless horse sh-t  while doing more for this country than any other man has done in well over a century and a half, and still counting. And we sit an holler that he needs to do more?  As if he can stop crime?

      Two things. One, we need to be responsible for ourselves. God bless those who attended the rally in DC, but don't you think they considered what they might encounter? Well, I do.

      Two.  Are we going to let a few idiots suspend the Constitution, even demand it be done for them?  Don't you realize that this is what their sponsors want?  Do you think that these morons are acting without sponsors?

      The Justice Department needs to stand up and remedy this stupid, corrupt, infantile, selection, illegaly given to a doddering old worn out blabbering moron on China's payrole. 

      Remember George W. Bush?  The man we stood up for in 2000?  Who do you think he is best buds with.  Bill Clinton.  We were really supporting a good guy, now were we not?  How about Mitt Romney?  Yeah buddie.  We were gonna take America back with that phony, right? And just before him we had McCain, as our champion, our hope. The straight talking phony.

      Trump is the real deal. Go after the real culprits, the cheating, lying, anti-American impostors, the illusionists, the deceivers of the Left .   God has given us a chance, a reprieve if you will to see what we will do. Those people who put this Trump rally together and all those who attended in support of the President, and all those who would have attended if it were possible, Salute.

    • Who is Constitutionally charged with enforcing the law... and when the law breaks down, who is expected to find solutions or too take the bull by the horns and reinstate law and order?  Who? 

    • Agreed!


    • The President has upheld the law from day one.  He has.  He has reached out to help cities and states suffering the acts of lawlessness supported by Governors and other ELECTED officials, and he is told to F-OFF.  Are you suggesting that Martial Law be applied to Elected Officials supporting what they deem as peaceful protests and backed by the majority of their citizens?  And you think that is the answer, the solution?

      Col. Nelson. You should rethink what you are saying.  This is not the same climate as the 1950's, and this is not the same issue as simple racism in Little Rock that Eisenhower was confronted with.  BLM, Antifa, and the entire democrat party of hooligans, along with foreign allies such as China, Iran, and others are engaged in the overthrow of the Government of the United States.  This is one hell of a lot bigger than anyone faced in a foreign war, including Viet Nam.  Rule one.  Know your enemy. Find out who he is, where he is, and what resources does he have or have access to. Rule two. Go after him and destroy him, his resources, his ability to fight, and his willingness to do so.

      The enemy facing all of us, and President Trump, is multifaceted, wide and extremely deep.  Our survival as a soveriegn Nation, with the blessings of freedom and liberty and security, all of that is in peril, under assault, and it affects not only us but the entire world.  This is no small matter confined to a single country or region.  In reality, this is World War, the beginnings of it, and if Biden Harris are allowed to carry out the Plan of this Enemy, then we will lose it all.

      Go Big, or Go home, and we won't have home as a choice anymore if we chose wrong.  Martial Law, in this climate, will only strengthen the enemy, not us.  It would be totally counter productive.  Trump is not our Butler, on call. He is our President, under seige, and we damn well better protect that fact.  Our own Military is divided over the present circumstance.  Trump knows this.  General Kelly is an example. This guy supports Biden.  He is not alone either.  You guys (military officers) carry a lot of influential weight.  Use it wisely.

    • Burning cities, violations of federal civil rights laws, insurrection, espionage, obstruction of justice (failure to prosecute) sedition, open bribery, perjury under federal law, and on and on are samples of the pervasive acts of lawlessness under the Trump admin... Just how is failing to prosecute one single major corrupt official enforcing the law.  Pres. Tump gets an F for Taking Care; that the laws be faithfully executed... name me one major political figure who has been arrested... Hillary, Comey, Holder, Obama, Brennan, Wray, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Clapper, and a host of congressional and judicial members all need arresting and prosecution for more crimes than I care to list.  How is that law enforcement?

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