Antifa Attacks Josh Hawley's Home

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    • About 50 thousand of them Hilary should go to schumers house.

    • The patriots should make more than noise at Schmuck Schumer's house!

    • Peacful protesters can burn it down without consquence. The DEMOCRATS set the precedent for it.


  • Let the dogs out!

    • I love that idea !  "Who let the dogs out !?"

  • Those three at the front door would have died on that spot, I guarantee it.

    • ANTIFA TERRORISTS is the TERRORIST ARMY of the enemy within. Killing the enemy within is LEGAL! It's also our DUTY!


  • Protests my ass. They're TERRORISTS.

  • No doubt George Soros paid protesters, equipment and transportation.

  • I would come out with one warning shot. One shot only then start picking them off.

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