Antifa Attacks Josh Hawley's Home

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  •   Start referring to them as Fantifa.  .  fascist anti-fascist.  They are the real fascist.  Ronald Reagan said that if Fascism came to America it would be under the disguise of Socialism.  We need to put the spotlight on them for what they are.

  • If these terrprost acts do not get punished, we have already lost our country.

    Are we no longer a country of law and order?

    This is not left vs right.   This is AntiAmerica vs America.

    • Satan starts his rule on Jan.20. Sucks,huh?


    •   You make a good point Phil.  It is not mentioned enough.  The Bible refers to Satan as Prince of the earth.  He and his demons going to and fro seeking chaos and destruction.  He is the father of the lie.  Steal, kill, and destroy.   His  days are numbered but he is setting things up for the anti-Christ.

  • Now for C.C.P. type control of the internet. You know that,right?............We better think quick!

  • The time of doing nothing has ended time for We the People fight for our country and Freedom we will not surrender to the socialist and Antifa and BLM will now know who are the real Americans.

    •   We should have been organizing starting several years ago.  The socialist marxist have been organizing for this kind of stunt for years!  Our own government has been paying them to do just that for years.  Organizations like ACORN, OFA, Community Organizing etc. are just front names for socialist and marxist organizations.  They are all schooled in communist techniques.  That's why Obama was so hostile to movements like the Tea Party.  They know their biggest threat is that we do get organized and wise up to their mehods of deception. 

    • Too many sheep,my friend.


  • The wimpy judges have amongst themselves perverts and associates of Jeffrey Epstein.


    Epstein is alive.

  • Why don't Patriots head over to Chucky Schumer's house and make some noise. Seems only fair.

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