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  • These slimes...just destroyed a huge piece of Ameican/black history, that can NEVER be replaced.  They claim to be doing this crap because of black oppression, and yet.....this church was a huge part of black history.   I'd be just find if every damn one of these little shits just.......DISAPPEARED.   They haven't, and highly unlikely they'll ever contribute anything worthwhile to the planet.


    "Every president since James Madison has attended services at St. John's Church. This distinctive yellow church was the second building to be constructed on Lafayette Square and has always been a symbolic and important house of worship in Washington, D.C. Visitors to Lafayette Square can enter St. John's Church from the 16th Street entrance to see the sanctuary and the Presidents' Pews.

    Designed by Benjamin Latrobe, St. John's Church is an early historic building on Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C.

    Reverend William Hawley, the second Rector of St. John's, baptized and married African Americans of all legal statuses when he led the Church from 1817 to 1845. Many of these marriages took place in the Rector's own home, adjacent to the Church, with his wife and family as witnesses. According to the marriage register of St. John's, Reverend Hawley performed weddings for 6 couples identified as "slaves," 38 identified as "colored," and 2 identified as "colored (free)." For example, on January 11, 1828, the Reverend Hawley married Emmeline Matthews, listed as "colored" to William Prates, listed as a slave. The very next marriage he performed was for John Quincy Adams' son John and his bride Mary Hellen. A selected transcription is available."



  • Its freedom of speech

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      They have the right to PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE. They do NOT have the right to destroy buildings, etc..

    • I assume you are being sarcastic.  Violence, destruction of property, causing physical harm to people are not covered by freedom of speech.  They are called crimes.  I have no problem with people getting out and protesting peacefully, but what we are seeing is more about terrorism instigated by radical groups that want to destroy this country and these radical groups are being funded by elites who want to do away with our Republic form of government so they can control our lives and economy. Some thing never change only means and methods its always about small groups of the wealthy or powerful trying to control everything..  We had the fiefdoms, we had the plantations, the dictators (Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Idi Amin, Mao, Mussolini, etc.) now we have the political, old money and technocratic elite.  People need to wake up as to what is really going on, the tragic Floyd even was just a means and the resultant violence the method.

    • Yes I'm being sarcastic. I remember years ago when that black female Boston mayer was asked about all the destruction by the protesters and she said it was freedom of speach so police shouldn't interfear so the protesters can just get it out of their system.

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      Well Said Kenneth!

    • Freedom of speech is the 1st amendemt right. it says nothing about looting and burning or destroying property as a right.


    • The good news is that our brave president went to the church, held up the Bible, and showed his might. He is indeed our savior! 

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