• We are at war people this is a battlefield.

  • U.S. Soldiers caught and tortured beyond a common person's comprehension fully expect complete and total forgiveness of their "Former Enemy's Crimes" but to not place the burden of those "Crimes" upon there Enemies Descendents, nor by the "Tortured Soldier's Descendents" And yet, in Concept, there is "No Distinguishing Difference" between "Prisoners of War being In humanly Tortured and Those African Americans Once held as Slaves in America!" Yet as Children All, Descendents of Tortured Prisoners held by One The Enemies, are we Condemned to Hate and Blame "Our Conditions" on the British, The Germans, The Italians, The Turks, The Arabs, The Japanese, The Vietnamese, et al? The Remaining Descendents long ago "Got Over It!" It is High Time BLM" followed suit.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • We must start calling them,"Marxist BLM" instead of just BLM.

  • Loud mouthed ,entitled brat. Raised without any respet for the country which has given her life. She might consider moving back to Africa and she will get whats coming to her.

  • Their day is coming!

    • AMEN  ! Sooner  then they think .

  • Get up in my face .get knocked out of my face

    • Its the only way our message will get accross to these biased jerks.....

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